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Our Adoption - We brought nothing

When I called this post, “Our Adoption,” I was referring to our adoption in two senses.  I am not only about the adoption I experienced as an adoptive parent but also the adoption by God of me as a co-heir with God’s son, Jesus Christ. 377 more words


Study shows breastfeeding is over-rated

When we first started the adoption process, the one disappointment I felt was that my child would miss out on the benefits of breast milk, as I will not be breastfeeding. 912 more words

The Adoption Process

Open or “Closed” Adoption. Is One Better Than The Other?

As we in the adoption community know all to well, the process of adoption has evolved dramatically over the years. Up until the 60’s or 70’s it was much like as it was depicted in the movie, Philomena (the movie version being a bit at the extreme end of the spectrum.) The adoption was a hush-hush affair on all sides, the adoptee never knowing that she was adopted. 598 more words

Easy Advice To Follow On How To Be A Good Parent

As you well know, becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding gifts in the world. The tips in this article describe some of the most effective techniques in child-rearing in modern times. 1,358 more words

Parenting Tips

Mom, Why doesn't my Sister live with us?

Ah, yes, The first time I heard that question, how it set off such a panic inside me.

“Mom, Why doesn’t my big Sister live with us?” 535 more words


A Worthy Voice: An Adoptive Parent Who Cannot Carry Her Baby

I am an adoptive parent with a physical disability. There may be a common misconception that having a physical disability makes one less equipped to parent, and therefore less equipped to adopt children. 990 more words


Decisions, Decisions...part 1

When you find out that you will be having a baby, in the coming months, many decisions scream past your neural superhighway. Picking out the color of the nursery can takes weeks. 477 more words

Our Journey