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Dear Desperate

Maybe I need to address this differently.

Dear Desperate,

I know that YOU are at your wits end.  YOU have tried everything.  Nothing, I mean, NOTHING works. 898 more words

Parenting Attachment Challenged Children

Trial Scheduled for International Adoption Guides: Victims, Speak Up

In February 2014, four employees of the US adoption agency International Adoption Guides (IAG) were indicted for fraud by the US Department of Justice. Three former IAG staff members–Mary Mooney (IAG Executive Director), James Harding (IAG International Programs Director), and Alisa Bivens (IAG Ethiopian program director in the US)–were arrested. 598 more words


Keeping birth parents 'alive'

About a week ago I decided to dye the tips of my hair purple. My reasoning behind it was simple, when else in my life would I be able to do it? 425 more words


Stuck In Numb

One form of protection the human organism has built-in to protect from the overwhelming emotions of trauma, abandonment and maltreatment is dissociation.  Dissociation can be viewed on a continuum from numbing to splitting off parts into personality fragments.  269 more words

Parenting Adopted Children

I recommend YOU Read This If YOU Haven't

I recommend YOU read this if YOU haven’t. 


Love Matters,

Ce Eshelman, LMFT 

Huge shout out to those of YOU who have given so generously to our  113 more words

Parenting Adopted Children

Search 3A : I am in Srilanka Part 8 Final

The evening following the world wind day, saw me over all the various news stations: from pictures to birth certificates the lot……. the world was tuned but was that to be the answer…. 258 more words


"Adopted—going topless in Tahiti”

“Going topless in Tahiti” is another way of saying, “going native” which means a person living away from their place of origin who abandons their own natural family, culture, customs and way of life to adopt those of the country and region where they are currently living. 535 more words