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PTSD + Attachment Challenge = Complex Developmental Trauma

Children who have been traumatized by maltreatment of neglect, physical, sexual and emotional abuse, and/or exposure to various forms of environmental toxins and violence, plus they have been taken from their birth mother in the first few years have Complex Developmental Trauma.   340 more words

Parenting Attachment Challenged Children

He Paid the Price for My Sin

I never had much trouble believing I am a sinner in God’s eyes. I fell waaay short of perfection. The penalty for that is spiritual death. 107 more words

Adoptive Parents

Amazing Resource for Young Adoptees: Creating Home

Anyone connected with adoption is aware of the need, value, and scarcity of post-adoption resources, especially for teens and college-age young people. It’s a complicated, vulnerable time for figuring out identity, independence, and values for any adolescent/young adult, and often especially so for adoptees. 351 more words


L is for Love #AtoZChallenge

Adoption is, ultimately, an act of sacrificial love.  Sacrifice on the part of the birth parents, who choose to surrender their children to parents who can provide what they can not.   397 more words


What Does Easter Have to Do with Me Today?

When I was growing up, the church my family went to talked about baby chickies and eggs on Easter.
Then, when I became a Christian, over the years, I learned: 145 more words

Adoptive Parents

Hold Me Tight Couples Workshop for Parents of Attachment Challenged and Special Needs Children

April 25, 2014   6pm to 9pm
April 26, 2014  10am to 4pm
April 27, 2014  10am to 1pm

Hold Me Tight
Weekend Workshop for Couples with Adopted and Special Needs Children… 342 more words

Parenting Attachment Challenged Children

Tell Me Your Story: Of Becoming a Mother

In January of 2014, Sarah started writing letters to her child’s first mother. In the letters, she shared stories about her own mother, anecdotes about her husband, and her prayers for the mother who would change both of their lives forever. 603 more words