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Watch This Little Boy Repeatedly Get Shot Down Trying To Kiss A Little Girl

Young crushes are often times of murky waters difficult to navigate, as evidenced by this video of a little boy trying his darnedest to give the object of his affections a quick peck on the lips. 58 more words

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Adorable kid freaks out when he gets a Sidney Crosby Fathead

Canadian interior designer Jackie Morra posted this wonderful little video on her YouTube channel of one of her smallest clients getting a killer surprise.

Morra and the child’s parents combined to surprise him with a Fathead of his favorite hockey player, Sidney Crosby. 63 more words

Breaking D'awwws: WWE's Brad Maddox Is Reporting The News With An Adorable Moppet

Oh Brad Maddox — he came, he hung around for a couple years not really doing anything, then he disappeared, and yet none of us will ever forget him. 116 more words


Joys of Babysitting annnd More

First order of business, I havent posted in FOREVER. Why? Because I lost my phone. I somehow managed to loose my phone in my house. I literally didn’t leave the house at all and I think I lost it in my couch. 601 more words

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