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Adorno Navidad

Aquí os dejo uno de los adornos de navidad que hice el pasado 2014.

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Peter Tscherkassky, L’Arrivée1997/8, 2 min 09 sec, 35 mm/Cinema Scope

Tscherkassky hystericalises the images. He allows them to lose their certainty, crosses soundtrack with perforation strip, changes positive to negative, slits the material open.

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What Would Life Look Like Without Advertising?

What would life look like without advertisement? This is a question that seems almost unthinkable to us in a modern Western society. Where would we be without the the golden arches of McDonalds or CocaCola’s famous Christmas truck? 1,147 more words


When the crit hits the fan

Fans have a rough time. We admit to a Bit of a Thing for someone, and immediately give up all hope of being taken seriously. The Arts World looks on us with faint distaste. 799 more words


Deathcore and Standardization

A revised essay that demonstrates the similarities between death metal sub-genres and relating to the writings of Adorno in ‘On popular music’.

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Musical Analysis

“No gaze attains beauty that is not accompanied by indifference, indeed almost by contempt, for all that lies outside the object contemplated.” – Adorno, Minima Moralia I.48,


A Few Salient Notes on the Point of Punctuation

What is the point of punctuation? When can we be sure our marks are correctly selected and placed, knowing our readers will often think otherwise! Or worse, won’t care :( ` 402 more words