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Apple Mach-O Linker Error : Undefined symbols for architecture armv7

Although there are already lots of similar questions here, I still can’t solve this issue.

I’m developing some application of IOS and most of the file is written by Object-C. 546 more words

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importing flow meter reading to excel via serial communication port

I’ll be getting readings from an flow meter to serial port via serial communication.

I need to automatically collect incoming flow rate readings at 1 minute intervals for every hour. 74 more words

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Que functions and execute after animation is complete

I am using SignalR to update my web app in real time based on operations taking place on the server. Right now I am incrementing a counter eachtime a record is saved in the database. 298 more words

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Dimension - Remember When

You guys should check this greenhorn rocker band. Even though still lacking here and there, but I think it’s awesome.

YOU SHOULD CHECK THIS OUT!!!! YOU MUST!!!! 11 more words


Adrian - The Violinist and the Deaf

Link to David Garrett – Ode to Joy

My travels took me back to Germany, Vienna and Berlin where the Romantic period of music had just started. 1,388 more words

9th Symphony

"You are not sexy in THAT way."

When Irving Thalberg snatched up the screen rights to Ursula Parrott’s racy bestselling novel “Ex-Wife” almost as soon as it was published in the summer of 1929 for the absolutely ridiculous amount of $20,000, he pretty much already had a star in mind. 779 more words

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Quad City woman's car stolen after she leaves it to warm up

A Davenport woman’s car was stolen after she left it unattended to warm up.

Alisha Adrian said it was just before 7 a.m. on Friday, November 21, when she walked outside to start her car before she took her kids to school. 272 more words