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Third Person (2014)

Paul Haggis is the Oscar-winning writer/director of Crash, so a man not known for subtlety. And that can be fine, but with his latest effort, Haggis wastes his time on a sluggish triptych that doesn’t come together in any satisfying or clever manner. 304 more words


L'Air de Panache: Wes Anderson's Costuming Genius

I’ve always loved movies; I like watching movies, I like reading about movies, I like talking about movies, and most of all, I like going to the movies. 704 more words


The Pianist

Roman Polanski (2002)

2,000 and my advice is to take it. What will you do when you’re hungry? Eat the piano?

Selena Gomez's yachtsman Tommy Chiabra... and the exes left in his wake

He already has a string of exes, including actresses, TV presenters and models, but now it seems Italian playboy Tommaso Chiabra has set his sights on Selena Gomez. 318 more words

Guilty Pleasures

Third Person (2014)

Third Person is an odd beast of a film. It awkwardly tries to tell three different stories of love, romance and loss – none of which seem, at least on the surface, connected in any way. 601 more words


Third Person (2013)... white. the colour of... an amazing film!

My rating: 9

IMDB rating: 6.5

IMDB link: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2343793/?ref_=ttmi_tt

Dearest reader,

You know that pause after you watch a movie with a couple of friends when no one wants to say anything for the fear of being the only one that liked the movie? 435 more words


The Darjeeling Limited - 8/10.

Three brothers annoy each other and carry fantastic luggage on a train journey through India.

Darjeeling Limited contains one of my favourite ever opening scenes. Bill Murray runs for a train, all of a sudden Adrien Brody appears along side him and they exchange a look. 173 more words

Rated 8-10