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Grand Budapest Hotel: A Fun, quirky Caper. Yes, Caper. Why Are You Looking at Me Like That?

Grand Budapest Hotel, like most of director Wes Anderson’s (Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums) other films, is quirky almost to a fault. 473 more words


The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

“Are you Monsieur Gustave of the Grand Budapest Hotel in Nebelsbad?”

The beginning of The Grand Budapest Hotel is a lot like the experience one might have while checking into their room during a vacation. 687 more words


The Keys to Houdini

A fascinating life, a fascinating depiction of it.

A magician never reveals his tricks, but in the History Channel 2-part miniseries master illusionist Houdini is doing just that. 298 more words


Школьные годы чудесные

Для пущей регулярности обновлений я решила вам периодически рассказывать не только про новое, но и про хорошо забытое старое по мере просмотров.

Посмотрела я тут два дивных рвуших и тянущих душу фильма про школу и её обитателей.


Remembering Marie Calloway: The "Literary Seductress"

“I am totally powerless in the face of men.”

Marie Calloway was like some kind of mystery, in the form of a pretty 21-year-old who looked as if she had a story to tell.

770 more words

The Brother's Bloom (2008)

The Brother’s Bloom (2008) - Adventure, Comedy, Drama

Directed by: Rian Johnson

Starring: Adrien Brody, Mark Ruffalo, Rachel Weisz, Rinko  Kikuchi 391 more words


Band of Brothers: Wes Anderson Being a Whiny Little Man

The Grand Budapest Hotel shines pink among the Eastern European snow, high up in the mountains of the model train-type landscapes Wes Anderson creates, like a heavy mix of cotton candy and sawdust.   405 more words