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Harry Houdunnit

Fiona is on a Houdini kick, so she compelled me to watch the History Channel’s biopic, starring Adrien Brody (authentically Hungarian) as the Great Man. 245 more words


Review: The Grand Budapest Hotel (Anderson, 2014)

It feels as though I’m the last Wes Anderson fan on earth to have seen this film, but we finally got around to watching it a few weekends ago. 547 more words


Detachment (2011)

One big fact about me is I will sit down and watch just about ANYTHING that stars Adrien Brody in it. There are two actors I can say that about, the other being Karl Urban. 1,165 more words

Media Reviewing

Grand Budapest Hotel: A Fun, quirky Caper. Yes, Caper. Why Are You Looking at Me Like That?

Grand Budapest Hotel, like most of director Wes Anderson’s (Moonrise Kingdom, The Royal Tenenbaums) other films, is quirky almost to a fault. 473 more words


The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014)

“Are you Monsieur Gustave of the Grand Budapest Hotel in Nebelsbad?”

The beginning of The Grand Budapest Hotel is a lot like the experience one might have while checking into their room during a vacation. 687 more words


The Keys to Houdini

A fascinating life, a fascinating depiction of it.

A magician never reveals his tricks, but in the History Channel 2-part miniseries master illusionist Houdini is doing just that. 298 more words