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Can you make a living from blogging?

I don’t know, lets find out.

From a casual search, there seems to be two main ways to monetise your blog. If your site is hosted on wordpress.com, your only option would be… 766 more words

Google Contributor: would you pay to remove ads on websites? [POLL]

Google, the company famed for its motto of “don’t be evil”, has invited internet users to pay a monthly fee instead of continuing to see Google-served adverts on their favourite websites. 438 more words


Google launches Contributor, a Netflix/Spotify model for crowdsourcing content creators

Google has today launched a new platform that aims to reinvent how content creators on the Internet┬ámake money. It’s called Contributor, and it involves readers committing to a certain monthly payment of $1-3, which will in turn give visitors an ad-free browsing experience on some sites. 300 more words


Google launches Contributor, a crowdfunding tool for publishers

Google often gets criticized by publishers for taking their content without asking them first, but the web giant has probably done more to experiment with alternative monetization options for content than any other media entity. 480 more words

Ad Unit Magic - Adsense Ads With High Income

t’s quick and easy to create a text file like this. It’s also very versatile, allowing you to take any affiliate or product link and quickly create a short ad for it.When you have created your file, you simply upload it to your web host along with the… 309 more words

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