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Well it took long enough but someone has finally spoken or about Google.

Rather interesting they question what the search giant stands for today starting it is nothing like that of the vision they claimed to have when they started out. 227 more words

A Starving Artist's brings "Forces in Bloom", by Kimberly Moore into a Blog

A Starving Artist’s brings “Forces in Bloom”, by Kimberly Moore into a Blog.  Like most…whom have experienced the struggle with their career in the writing field…it isn’t easy to become relevant into the world of expression.  266 more words

The Simplest Way to Get Online Passive Income

Based on my research, this seems to be the basic principle that website owners have been following to get passive income online:

* Get many people to come to your website… 792 more words


一番の お客様は Amazon 様です: Google AdWards の凄まじさを示す1枚のチャート

CHART OF THE DAY: Amazon Spends A Ton Of Money To Advertise Itself On Google
Dave Smith – Sep 16, 2014 

Google’s main source of revenue is its advertising platform, AdWords — but it’s also the key portal for businesses to have their products seen on the web, and in search results. 191 more words


Google Adsense: Why it is Important to Get Approved for the Program

Why Dо I Hаvе tо Gеt Approved fоr thе Google Adsense Program and thе Advantages оf  Not Gеttіng Yоur Own Blog SiteIt’s nоt rеаllу аbоut you. 165 more words