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Thank you <3

“The happiest people don’t necessarily have the best of everything, they just make the best out of everything that comes their way.”

Came back home last week after a hard day at work and find a post card from my parents, … 85 more words


Happy Easter

Have a nice Easter everyone !

Here I don’t have any day off for this occasion, lucky you to have the monday off !

But I went to a parade on the 5th avenue on sunday afternoon, the… 196 more words


First running session


Saturday morning ! Let’s go !

Big party on friday night, in an appartment in East Village, to celebrate the last day of a V.I.E from Societe Generale. 128 more words



So upon reading about adsense, it seems as if that adsense is a great way to have another source of income from your webisite. What is adsense? 130 more words


Another series of linked posts get started earlier than I planned with a first part I never thought I would write and wish to God I did not have to write. 2,396 more words

Google, more than a search engine

As the World Wide Web began to grow, so did the need to obtain information through a reliable search engine. Search engines were essential to the World Wide Web because they allowed a conversation to exist between the searcher and the computer. 439 more words

My new roommate

Hey hey ! Surprise ! That’s what happens when you have a studio, and you live alone.

One of the VIE that I met few days ago, her name is Elodie, called me yesterday at 8:00PM saying me that the woman where she lived since she arrived is so strange and they had a fight this morning for stupid things. 110 more words