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I Won't Get SAD This Winter

The days are getting colder, sundown is creeping ever earlier and there’s rain and hail and blustery winds. As we wave goodbye to summer and sunshine I resolve to approach this winter in the full spirit of an ABDL babygirl. 326 more words


Bebe, you didn't sign out.

Mommy here, and yes, as the title states, my bebe didn’t sign out from the last time he wrote on here sooooooo here I am because I can. 45 more words

Super happy fun day!

Hello everyone!

Just decided to do another post on the blog on this boring Friday night! There really isn’t much to be doing, aside from snuggling up in bed and watching netflix all day. 64 more words


Some moments are so simple but so powerful. Daddy’s partner has always known about me being Daddy’s babygirl, she has accepted me and welcomed me as a friend, and despite her not being a part of the dynamic I feel able to be truly myself around her. 992 more words


I'm getting Subway out of this.

Mommy here. Long time no…Type? Hmmm… Babe wanted a post wrote on his blog, and I was promised Subway to do so, so here I am! 136 more words

The Two Of Us

There are two people living within me. Big brave Jane and little scared Jane. Little scared me is only an infant, in need of constant attention and reassurance. 517 more words