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How To Engage Your Clients Or Adult Education Principles

In my previous post I talked about empowering our clients and giving them the tools and resources they need to find information to educate themselves. When thinking about customer loyalty, one essential factor is the bond between the parties, meaning the business and the client. 500 more words

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Comic Book & Cartooning Class!

It’s no secret that comic books greatly influenced my path to becoming a fine artist and later educator. In fact, I’ve continued to collect comic books for nearly thirty years! 273 more words


Games for Learning #2: Lumosity

Many online sites have designed games for folks to play. Some are rather robust, creating a detailed world for people to interact in. Others are simpler and offer more straightforward, mentally challenging games. 306 more words

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Games in Education #1: Starfleet Commander

This week’s coursework is focusing on the use of games for education. I was not surprised to find Civilization described in great detail. I’ve spent hours playing that crazy game in a couple of its different versions. 650 more words

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Holiday Crash Course, Part II - Yom Kippur - September 30th

Holiday Crash Course, Part II – Yom Kippur – September 30th

Join us tomorrow night for part II…

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or email malkytrav@gmail.com


Teach Us to Pray - a recording of our first class

Below you will find a recording of our first class.  The video of the Keynote presentation includes the Youtube videos by John Shelby Spong and Fred Plumer that were shown during the class together with an audio recording of the class (the audio is stilted in places but if you wait but a moment it will sync with the presentation). 32 more words

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Make Time for What Makes You Happy

“I don’t have time for a hobby” is an something we hear on a daily basis here at The Curve. While it’s true that daily life and work do often overwhelm us, we have also become a generation that glorifies being busy. 327 more words