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We Need Media Literacy Too

This week Education Week published the  article “Where Do Biases Start? A Challenge to Educators” composed by Darius D. Prier, Ph.D., that focused on biases educators may have towards African American young men due to media’s representation of them. 698 more words


Weekly What's On: 20 - 26 October 2014

All week: Wall Face, War Games and Stunning in Silver continue.

Monday 20 October: Monday Alternative screening ‘The Past’ a 7.45pm

Thursday 23 October… 140 more words


Questions really do make all the difference

I had the opportunity to meet with other action learning professionals. Even though I’ve been coaching action learning for more than 7 years, served on the WIAL board of directors for almost that long, and have worked with countless people, I am still in awe when I hear other practitioners share their stories. 270 more words


Interesting extra information on the 70-20-10 myth

I really love blogging, and this reaction on my earlier post on the 70-20-10 myth with extra information by Michelle is an example why I like blogging so much: 320 more words


Benjamin D Carmel reblogged this on In the Learning Age and commented:

This is an interesting discussion. I still believe that the 70-20-10 structure is a good way to get folks who have historically relied on formal programs exclusively to think in new ways about their training needs. Informal learning -- and developing a culture that honors it and skills for individuals to capture and retrieve it -- is crucial in our always-on, data-driven workplaces. However, the writer here is correct that those numbers seem arbitrary and are probably meaningless. So, I guess I ride the fence on this debate, but am very interested to see more thought and research in learning, formal and informal.

Higher Ed Leaders Now Working to Close ‘Skills Gap Shortage’

It’s not just the economy that’s jobs driven anymore. A growing number of colleges and universities are partnering with employers to train students with the skills they will need to break into local industries—letting the jobs lead the way.

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"I don't know"

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As I was about to shut down my Mac for the night, last night, I came across someone’s blurb on The Times’ website about “3 Little words you should never say.”  ( 858 more words


Leadership Communication: Addressing a Gap in Leadership Development Programs

Leadership matters. Indeed, given the sheer annual investment in leadership development training, one must conclude that many organizations recognize the importance of leadership development to meeting organizational objectives. 1,621 more words

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