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EDTECH 522 First Reflection

During the first week of EDTECH 522, we were asked to reflect on two questions from the group offered.  Here are the questions and their corresponding answers. 251 more words


When was your first time?

Well! When was your first time?

Mine was back in 1969!

If you haven’t tried it yet, or would like another go, why not click under Categories one of your favorite  subjects or topics, better still why not click them all in turn and select what you would like to do with one or two days or even evenings during the next few months. 47 more words

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Date of WEA Nottingham Branch AGM

Further to the previous post which referred to our Nottingham Branch AGM, the date can be confirmed as Saturday 21 February 2015 at the Nottingham New Mechanics off Shakespeare Street. 187 more words

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Fall Registration for Ukulele programs

So I guess I’ve “burned the boats”, now that I’ve given up my day job to focus on doing what I love. I’ll be teaching Ukulele in a set of new programs here and there. 215 more words
Teaching Ukulele

Stanley and Iris - A film about frienship and trust....and literacy

Yesterday, I re-watched a film that I first saw when it was released in 1990. It is about Stanley, a short order cook who is functionally illiterate.  636 more words

Why I’m Asking You Not to Use Laptops

At a teaching workshop last week, a new faculty member asked me how I felt about students using laptops in the classroom. I replied, “I ask students not to use laptops in my classroom—unless a student tells me they need or strongly prefer a laptop to take notes (for any reason), in which case we make that work.” She looked relieved to have this endorsement of a learning zone with fewer electronic distractions.

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Volunteers to move our branch forward

Our classes are organised through the Nottingham Branch Committee via our course and tutor controller, Nikki Cleaver.

The committee is elected each year at our AGM held usually in February. 163 more words

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