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Caring for Your Smile during Orthodontic Treatment

Straightening your teeth can have a world of benefits. It can give you more confidence in your smile, make it easier to keep your teeth clean, and improve the alignment of your front and back teeth so that chewing is easier. 213 more words

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Braces for Adults in Freehold, NJ

Many adults are choosing now as the time to get that great smile they never had a chance to get as a child. The orthodontics at… 225 more words

An Overview of Orthodontic Appliances

Orthodontic treatment corrects the alignment of your teeth and jaws so that you can speak clearly, chew food effectively, and look attractive when you smile. This is done by putting sophisticated gadgets in your mouth. 320 more words

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Orthognathic surgery in Freehold, NJ

Orthognathic surgery is a single or double jaw surgery offered by Freehold Orthodontics in Freehold, NJ which is performed to realign the jaws and teeth to improve the way they work. 253 more words

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Braces for Adults in Ottawa, ON

Braces are not just for kids anymore. More and more adults are improving their smiles by getting braces. Braces are a great way to improve your smile and self-confidence at the same time. 146 more words

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Are Your Teeth Becoming More Crowded?

As we age, our teeth can become more crowded towards the front of the mouth. This crowding can make it difficult to keep the teeth clean and the gums healthy. 206 more words

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Acceledent: What is it and how does it work?

Acceledent is a new product we are offering in our office to help speed up your orthodontic treatment! In order to understand how it works we have to first understand a little about the three main components of your teeth. 252 more words

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