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Sex on the beach

The original Dogging in Melbourne website

Doggers as well as Doggetes desire to get moving. Having a lot of spots to search transferring Victoria you’re demolished intended for assortment. 249 more words

Adult Stories

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Peep Show (Book Excerpt)

Peep Show

Kira stood at the corner of Yonge and Dundas watching the buskers in front of the Eaton’s Centre. It was her first trip to Toronto and she was enjoying the feeling of being a tourist. 825 more words


Overtime (Book Excerpt)


She glanced at the clock again – it was 7:00 PM. The office was quiet; almost everyone had left at 4:30 with an occasional straggler hanging around until 5, 5:30 at the latest. 1,475 more words


Research (Book Excerpt)


The jangle of the phone jarred me from my fantasy. I had been watching Anne putting away files across the hall. Each time she bent over to place another folder in the file cabinet her short, black, spandex skirt would hike up slightly, exposing the full length of her long, slender legs and just the hint of her round buttocks. 1,699 more words


London Affair (Book Excerpt)

London Affair

“Meaghan, there is nothing to forgive. I was wrong. You had every right to blow up at me. I’m glad you did. It reminded me that I can be a meddlesome busybody, especially when it comes to people that I care about. 1,280 more words


Naughty Fun Being A Voyeur

“Wow! You look enchanting this evening, Tabs,” I told her, noticing the slinky cocktail dress Tabs wore with appreciation.
Tabs laughed. “What? This old thing?” She was pleased with my compliment. 646 more words

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