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"You know, sometimes I wish I could see the visions that run through your twisted little mind."

I rolled my eyes at Amy.
I chuckled. “Get your head out of the gutter.”
Amy was always comparing how someone looked like some porn star. 201 more words


Cindy should have recognized immediately that I was in a very dangerous state of mind.

She was giggling now as she turned back to face him while he was gently rubbing her forearm.
“You’re a grown woman, Cindy, and you’re quite capable of making your own choices,” I said. 299 more words


Tease - a lesson learned

Jackie loved to tease. At school she wondered why no one seemed to like her. Despite her good looks, she found herself an outsider. She told a few lies, made it through school and then her family moved south. 615 more words

Adult Stories

Marooned. Pt 1

An unexpected few nights on a tropical Island

Part one:

I’d just been to Australia where I had the time of my life exploring that great land, and on the way home, I stopped for a week in Bali. 1,437 more words

Adult Stories

"What do you want? I thought you liked this," I said.

“I thought you wanted to screw around?” I teased.
“You’re driving me insane damn it,” Vicky complained.
“What do you want? I thought you liked this,” I said. 109 more words


My desire to be taken and ravished by a bad boy.

I’m so confused, I still love Jeff but I have a desire that he just can’t fulfill.
My desire to be taken and ravished by a bad boy. 210 more words


A Personal Journey

When I was seventeen, a month prior to being eighteen, I realized that I had a fondness for girls, in the sense that a man may have for one. 2,346 more words