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53,000 hits today – creates pressure as I feel obligated to post another story immediately http://caffieri.com

Cristiano Caffieri


Monday morning

University of Colorado

Suite 106, Classroom 54

Mr. Bradley

Anatomy 101

7:36 AM

Too early, she thought. Waiting outside his classroom, wishing she could smoke that joint she had in her car from the previous night before. 1,870 more words


A Story about Us

He started to run his fingers up and down her body… She was cold and he was going to have to warm her up. He laid there in a white tee shirt and printed boxes, inhaling smoke from his vape pen. 251 more words


Sometimes getting a title for a story is the most difficult part – might take an hour to write it and another 3 to come up with the title for it. http://caffieri.com

Cristiano Caffieri

We hit 5 million views today – a bit thank you to erotic story enthusiasts all over the world http://caffieri.com

Cristiano Caffieri

We are back up to 2000 hits an hour – keeps me busy trying to write new erotic material http://caffieri.com

Cristiano Caffieri

Hot Fuck - illustrated adult fantasy

Chatting to you on email this morning, my mind working overtime
thinking about your words, your last remark, go home, ill meet you
there… dash home and fly into the shower… scrub my body from top… 1,421 more words

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