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Hump Day Orgy

My room mate Sasha has decided to chuck a “gathering” and she knows how much I hate those. Sasha is a wild child to say the least and hangs around with the wrong crowd. 724 more words


Wet dream

I’m hoping by sharing my dream it may come true but here goes….

Last night I dreamed I was working in a cocktail bar. The atmosphere was electric and my vest was soaking from sweat and gone see through. 755 more words


Being a Voyeur Can be Stimulating

“The Vixen is wonderful!” Tabs said, enthusiastic about being aboard Vicky’s private luxury yacht.
Vicky beamed. “Thank you, she’s my pride and joy. The sour puss over here was just saying that it should be called ‘The Lust Boat’. 616 more words

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The Winner is...Scorching Stories Contest Announcement!

Yes, there was a winner along with a number of authors who signed with us while we debated long  and  hard (see what I  did there with innuendo) about who would take home the prizes along with a publishing contract from Ardent Books.   628 more words

Ardent Books

I rolled my eyes. "Girls and their toys."

“You know, this thing should be called ‘The Lust Boat’. I still can’t believe what you and your guests do here,” I told Vicky.
“This thing you’re talking about cost me over half a billion dollars. 288 more words

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It was an incredibly erotic show.

“What are you, a living encyclopedia of porn queens?” Zoey groaned.
Amy giggled. “It’s a hobby.”
“More like a perversion!” Moni snapped back.
Moni grinned as she rose out of the water. 198 more words

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A lot of Cindy's behavior and remarks are spiteful and cruel.

“I think it does make a big difference. Working abroad and experiencing life from a different perspective for an extended period of time,” Amy agreed. 209 more words

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