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Art. Sex. Vitruvian Drawing Group. 07-24-14. Jeremy.

Learn the rules. Know the rules. Break the rules.

Tonight, when walking around the room, chatting with the artists and looking at the diverse styles of portraying the same figure standing naked in the center of the room, there were some who followed rote and convention and the way they always draw. 173 more words


Sex. Art. Naked Drawing Group. July 15, 2014. John

We tried something new tonight, hence two drawings. One drawing was done at various time intervals of 10-15 minutes. The other was done as John posted for 90 seconds, changed position, and repeated for a total of 10 poses @ 90 seconds each.

Here are tonight’s drawings:


Sex. Kink. The moment...07-06-14

The lights are dim. The gas-mask is on. Video plays on the flat-screen with grunts, and moans, and grunts, and thrusting. Knots are tied. Un-tied. Re-tied. 260 more words


Another One Night Stand

It was about fucking time after spending weeks tracking this sadistic pedophile down. I have been on his trail for some time. In fact, when little nine-year old Jamie Dobson of Lead, South Dakota went missing only to be found in an abandoned refrigerator in a dilapidated old barn in Roubaix. 1,537 more words

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