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My Personal Letter to Santa Claus…

Dear Santa;

First, let me explain. I know I have not been a good boy. I have been, more often than not, as to inciting discord with people who believe in myths, the government of the United States, and other asshole agencies as you are fully aware. 976 more words

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Art. The Nudio at Dry Creek, MD, USA. Model: James 11-14-14

Cell phone cameras sometimes do some very strange things to color, especially with art. I took a few pictures of a finished painting, but had to pull them into Photoshop for color correction. 21 more words


Sex. Intimate Eroticism. 11-14-14

The light shines from the crack in the door and the light smell of sweat and leather hits my nose and anticipation sizzles like radio static into tension as my breath quickens and mouths gets really dry, hoping against hope that the chaps he promised to show me were not worn the way they were intended, snugly cupping leather to overflowed cats-whiskers on a well-packed basket of well-worn jeans. 302 more words



For Ann Thraxx and Gillian Anne Gibson

She like her webcam

She makes nasty little movies with her webcam

Men and women watch her masturbate with her webcam… 381 more words

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