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Saw Torture

The Saw was widely used throughout the Middle Ages, mainly because the tools required were found in most houses and no complex devices were required. It was a cheap way to torture and kill a victim who was often accused of: witchery, adultery, murder, blasphemy or even theft. 131 more words


Go take the Cardinal Kasper Poll

Vote on if Cardinal Kasper should be admitted to Holy Communion based on what he promotes in allowing adulterers to receive Holy Communion.


Cardinal Kasper

Virgin State

Closed eyes, heart racing, lips tainted

Lust rising.

Feel his warm hands carve a path across your skin.

His breath hot as he leaves trails of kisses down your chest… 47 more words


Sexual Addiction: Should You Stay Married?

Discover some pointed questions one should ask him/herself when considering leaving a marriage where adultery and sexual addiction are problematic.

There are serveral kinds of affairs One affair, “I can’t say no !” is characterized by addictive tendencies. 749 more words

He Said / She Said

Pandora's Kiss: Chapter Three Continued

‘The second phase is complete.’ Gerutine, the head of the Moirai said as her long, bony index finger ran its way along the face of the tall, dark brown oak cabinet. 401 more words

Writing, Fantasy, Mythology, Mental Health

Pandora's Kiss: Chapter Three Continued

One of Andrea’s heels clacked loudly off the glossy white floor as she stomped her foot impatiently.

‘What are they doing in there?’ Her voice echoed throughout the walls. 735 more words

Writing, Fantasy, Mythology, Mental Health