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The World of Toddlers AND things you can't do when you aren't a toddler.

Kids are funny.  They have this weird world they live in, their own rules and language, and somehow manage to make everyone in their lives conform to their reality. 572 more words

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all things must pass: a debate between kid me and grown up me

When I was a kid all I knew about being an adult was that adults go to work instead of school and that most of them are married with children.     496 more words

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Musings About 'Friends'

I’ve been on a Friends kick lately.  The show intrigued me back when it first came out but now it’s resonating with me more.  I’ve always admired the diversity of the six main characters.   670 more words


Teenagers, transphobia, and teaching

I’m three weeks into this four-week teaching gig–a little over halfway through–and, if there were any doubts (there weren’t), they would be dispelled by now: teaching is not easy. 734 more words


You Can't Be Friends With Boys

The topic of this post should be a dead giveaway – if you’re not a fan of this age-old debate, you should probably stop reading….NOW! 795 more words


Why Isn't There An "How to Be an Adult" Class in High School? | Daily Prompt

There’s a difference between getting older and actually becoming an adult. A productive member of society as my Mom would say. I’ve actually had this conversation recently with other 20 something year olds that aren’t where they thought they would be at this point in their lives. 483 more words

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Generativity at the Movies

I recently posted a reflection on “Chef,” Jon Favreau’s movie about an eminent chef whose career runs aground on the shoals of excess caution, then is re-floated thanks to a cross-country jaunt on a food truck. 522 more words