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The Mentality of Gifts from Childhood to Early Adulthood

‘Tis the season where a huge portion of the world population is celebrating some sort of holiday. Holidays that are celebrated during December/January are Bodhi Day (Buddhism), Hanukkah (Judaism), Christmas (Christianity), Three Kings Day/Epiphany (Christianity), Pancha Ganapati (Hinduism), Boxing Day (Secular), Kwanzaa (Secular, Pan-African), and New Years/Eve. 1,302 more words


I Am Moving

Well not really, I am transitioning blogs and will be making a little bit more with my year next year. I want to focus on healthy things and I want to really incorporate that in my blog. 152 more words


After 6 years...

What happens after every story has been told? After every memory and secret has been shared? What is next in a relationship? I suppose new stories can be made together, but when you are stuck in your own little world and don’t want to come out of your shell, then what happens? 195 more words

Happiness: People EXPECT it!

Why is it that society has come to expect that we should ONLY project happiness no matter what? Why is it that people see you as unhappy and when you are being honest about your feelings they avoid us? 317 more words


(T)ime out

Such a long while since I’ve blogged, so full of promise for some new weightwatcher recipes and accountability for my pre xmas bod ha!!!! I don’t think weightloss has ever been further from my mind, infact I’m sure I’ve gained weight but I have shunned the scales in favour of a new foe, stress. 320 more words



Yesterday I travelled up to Aberdeen early in the morning to meet friends up for a catch up. We have been friends for a long time so it was really good to see each other again and to spend the day together. 51 more words


The Start Of A Moment.

It’s the start of a good thing, the start of a love song, the start of a moment meant to last. Because after tonight the stars will dance a little different, and the waves will kiss a little softer and the sun will beam a little brighter.  52 more words