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Your Pastor's Salary

Do you know how much your pastor makes?

Do you want to know?

If you found that they made more than you, like twice your salary, 220 more words


Building Wings

A girlfriend shared with me this week how teachers at her child’s school need to almost physically remove parents from their classrooms each morning. The problem sounds familiar. 664 more words

Growing Up

Stream of Consciousness 027

The above CD cover is In the Lonely Hour, by Sam Smith

I keep rolling around my Google Hangout idea in my head. I’ve decided the first hangout will be at 7pm CST on October 1st. 756 more words


Bees and Hornets and Wasps, Oh S***

**This adventure is being pulled out of the temporary archives of “crazy things Lauren’s dealt with this year,” but I promise it’s worth it! So let me take you back to June, when this all started. 871 more words



A lot of people my age are obsessed with being independent. School has been babysitting us for the past five years and in sixth form things aren’t completely different, so most people can’t wait to be fully taking care of themselves. 368 more words

A New Release and Some Life Updates

After days of waiting in anticipation after the first announcement of its release, I give you, for your reading pleasure, Darkly Never After in both electronic and paperback formats. 610 more words

Are You an Adult? Take the Quiz

Are you unsure if you qualify as an adult? Take this simple quiz and find out.

1. You look at a restaurant menu and see that burgers cost $15. 291 more words