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In retrospect I guess I can be a bit of a shit at times. C'mon, can you really stay mad at me?

So I guess a few things happened today. That’s always a nice thing, right? Well, not necessarily. I do feel that if things are happening, whether positive or negative, that’s always an exciting thing. 934 more words

Stream Of Consciousness


My mother is desperate for my husband and I to pack up our lives and move closer to her.  At present we live over 500 miles away.  428 more words

catch 22

birthdays are a funny thing. for everyone else it is cause for celebration. it’s a day just for you. in your group of close and extended friends and family it is a reason for them to make a big deal out of you. 580 more words

The Edge of 30

The year my sister and I turned 23 we were home alone in LA. We hadn’t planned it that way. But for some reason, after all the bleeps and pings of online notifications and texts of birthday greetings, we found ourselves just the two of us at home. 506 more words


A Fresh Perspective

Depression…is a despair of humility, of a person who not only recognizes his/her failings but cares enough to address them.  It is the despair of a person who agonizes over his/her shortcomings and missed opportunities, but who refused to be indifferent to his/her problems and those of the world.”   -Simon Jacobson, …

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What now? TED Talks

This week, I want to post this TED talk I watched earlier. I really appreciate and respect Meg Jay’s perspective on what it means to be in our 20. 76 more words


Dear GrownUp

Dear Grown Up

I am the one who will answer all the letters you addressed to Childhood. I did this, as like you say, ‘Childhood no longer exists’. 687 more words