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#915 - Nutrients

I mostly ate bagel chips and pizza skins this weekend. How is it that I’m an adult?

Sketch A Day

When are you an adult?

When do you feel like an adult?

I’ve always considered myself a late bloomer. My first kiss was at 16, where lots of my friends crossed that threshold at 12. 202 more words

Special Needs

I'll see you soon...

Right, once again it’s been much too long since I’ve written something here – mainly because now I have a job I have less time for writing… once I get into more of a routine I’ll try and keep these a bit more regular. 342 more words

A Slight Alteration

It’s been one of those days where I’ve been up since 5:30 in the morning and haven’t been able to even remotely give a shit about my appearance. 518 more words


Birthday Eve Reflections: Adulthood Fears

I was talking to a good friend today and I found out that he lives alone. He’s only 19. The rest of his family live out of the country but he manages. 188 more words


Safe and Sound

Inspiration is a funny thing.

Sometimes the smallest things, things that you would normally take for granted or ignore altogether, jump out at you like a cobra stalking its prey.  532 more words

Weekly Whining: Maybe I Need a Confidence Boost

So I know that a majority of the posts that I write here talk about how I’m in a funk and can’t get myself out but basically would do anything to get myself out because it sucks. 917 more words