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One Way to Realize You've Reached Adulthood

There are many ways that indicate you’ve reached the stage of “Adulthood” such as leaving puberty, graduating high school, entering college, moving out of the house or even getting a job. 461 more words

A sterling justification to write when actually conscious. Failed that one.

I had the closest approximation of a home-made cherry coke that I’ve ever experienced. At a bar for a friend’s birthday, I asked the bartender what kind of weird soft drinks they had in stock. 350 more words

Stream Of Consciousness


I spent the day with fantastic people at fantastic places! I am so inspired to be growing up and taking steps toward the best version of me! 88 more words


Greetings, earthlings.

If you walked into my dorm room right now, you’d find everything from an empty handle of rum to a small  but increasingly worrisome infestation of ants to a once-used but quickly forgotten sports bra strewn across the dressers, floor, and desk. 526 more words


Snapshots: 3/18/14 to 4/15/14

Often, I have thoughts I want to share which aren’t long or substantial enough for a whole post. Usually, these thoughts are less deep than I think, so I need some distance from them. 314 more words


Enter dark room

Hello, how are you?

I’m good, pleased to meet you

now see my smile;

enter dark room.

You’re on the road,

remember, it isn’t home, 86 more words


All Grown Up

I am really starting to feel like a grown up. Not because of what has happened to me, but because of what I have witnessed happening to others. 115 more words