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If a baby can triumphantly fist pump the sky after a poop, you can too!

I’ve never been a strongly family oriented person. I’ve written here before about my lack of familial obligation, how I don’t subscribe to any blood is thicker… 843 more words

Stream Of Consciousness

Dear Rowan Class of 2014:

I know these type of posts are cliche, but I feel this is necessary.

To those not part of the Rowan community, Rowan recently announced… 409 more words

Life's Lessons


these past few weeks have been a whirlwind of good and bad. – i swear i say that too much and wish i had a better punch line but its true and im simply too tired to think. 422 more words

Catch Up Time!

So recently I have realized that I need to catch up on all my blogging in order to keep you guys up to date and informed on things that I am working on and looking forward to. 571 more words


Melancholy in the Waning Hours of Parenthood...

In less than six hours from now, I will no longer, technically, have kids.

My youngest child will turn 18 and will legally become an adult.   687 more words


Sometimes I don't have many words.

Hey Y’all! It’s Easter! I hope everyone is enjoying today and eating lots of candy!

I’ve eaten at least twelve of these!

My Job: Knott’s Berry Farm Trip (my job is amazing sometimes!) 25 more words


One Way to Realize You've Reached Adulthood

There are many ways that indicate you’ve reached the stage of “Adulthood” such as leaving puberty, graduating high school, entering college, moving out of the house or even getting a job. 461 more words