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Stream of Consciousness 036

Holidays are terrifying in terms of food. I once read that the average American gains five pounds every year. Now, I know it is natural to gain a little weight in the winter. 1,025 more words


Remains of the Day

The closer you are to holiday, the longer the days get.

And the less time you have to work on all of those important projects. Those really important projects that just need to get done. 40 more words

Where's your focus?

God has taken me away from some aspects in my life that were taking up a lot of time. A lot of brain power.

Some relationships, activities, thoughts, feelings. 619 more words


the thing about "you're ok"

My dad and mom are both athletes, and neither had any intention of raising fragile children. In order to discourage us from fearing or overreacting to every little bump or bruise, whenever we fell my parents would tell us, “You’re OK!”. 841 more words

Against Monotony

Off today! I wonder what I should be getting myself up to today. There’s this Capital of Cosplay event at Bugis + today. I also have a dinner plan with my friends. 155 more words



I used this hashtag a few times on Twitter and all of a sudden I had various nanny dedicated twitter pages following and liking my tweets. 629 more words


Vennesday XXIX - Pop Culture!

In honour of my 100th(!) blog post I’m departing from the regularly scheduled Venn¬†format. Rather than my normal “deconstruction style” of Venn (a term coin, and only used by me) I’m going with a straight text book Venn, one that may provide just a tiny little bit of insight into what goes on inside my head.¬† 226 more words