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How I lost my sight

By Dorcas Solomon

As a sixteen year old I was convinced I had lost everything – when you have no sight, you wonder how much you can really accomplish. 371 more words


Pains of growing up

The most disillusioning realization of your 20s: seeing mom and dad not as the all-knowing protectors like you did as a child, and not as the obnoxious and totally uncool authoritarians like you did as a teenager, but as peers, as just two flawed, vulnerable, struggling people doing their best despite often not knowing what the hell they’re doing. 108 more words

Don't Wanna!

I don’t wanna!

I wanna be 4 years old and stamp my food petulantly on the ground, cross my arms over my chest, poke out my bottom lip and “hmrph”. 475 more words

This Day.

I took my little brother out for hot dogs, ice cream, and some hardcore dance sessions during the car ride to retail therapy outlet mall. Every time I think I know everything there is to know about that 9 year old little man, he surprises me. 562 more words


The Struggle

Maybe it’s not a real struggle. Maybe it is. But I have the hardest time getting to bed.

I come back to the apartment at 7:30, usually sweaty from a run. 382 more words

I hope you get my letter.

First and foremost, I am a writer. I think that my best writing comes from the darkest of places, and sometimes I have long periods of dry territory where I am not motivated to write any words. 253 more words




I miss you man.

Our eating junk food and having movie marathons when we should have been doing homework moments. I miss having that down for anything 24/7 person. 204 more words