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All these women in pants

Hannah, Modesto, California

There are few undertakings more treacherous than pulling on a pair of fabulous but delicately patterned tights; each threaded twist and turn that looks so damn cute peeking out from the hemline of a dress is ACTUALLY a potentially devastating toe trap in disguise. 3,227 more words


Tropical Island

Reaching out feels like hanging the weight disproportionately.
Distribution is recommended, but in practice,
feels more like leveling; bringing you down to me.
Shoulders are broad enough to hold everything; 50 more words



Up and down and spinning in circles,
turning my stomach and warping my vision,
money makes the world go round,
my thoughts go round,
my soul drowns in debt. 79 more words


How To Attend Your First Grown-Up Party

1. Receive an invitation from a coworker to attend her jewelry/housewarming party this coming weekend. Accept immediately.

2. Panic because this is an actual grown-up party. 639 more words

I'm Thankful For...

In the year of 2014 what is Tiff thankful for?   691 more words


love comes back.

The hardest part about loving someone is that when they’re packing their boxes, you’re forced to pack your own. We hate when people change our plans. 69 more words


11 Things You Inevitably End Up Doing When You Visit Home As An Adult

1. Learn how to drive again

For people who live in cities, it could have been several months since the last time you drove. This means everything feels foreign again. 358 more words