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An official adult debate: Who pays for the beer?

I didn’t let a friend pay for my beer a while back when we were out to celebrate my birthday. And now I know I’m getting old. 555 more words



I thought I had one more year to become an adult
Turns out, that last year is a catapult


Move Out and Get a Job Already

As the few people who read this blog so far probably already know, I’m 23 and living with my parents.  This isn’t really a bad thing: I’m one of the multitudes of young adults just out of college who need to save a little money up. 761 more words


Summer Is A State Of Mind

September 1, 2014.

Labor Day.

Three Day Weekend.

Summer has come to an official close.  Kiddies head back to school.  The days become shorter and nights longer.   247 more words

notes from my journal.

taken from my final mentor meetings. december 12, 2013 was the day she told me to let my first year out of college be bad. and christ, it’s been a ride thus far. 42 more words

The First Year


Change in the workplace.   If I am not careful I can sulk in a corner and let the energy of this transition pull me down.  719 more words


Is the word "secretion" ever not in reference to something gross? Would that change if you were a cannibal?

People, humanoids and non-humans, inanimate objects, there’s something you have to know. Actually, “have to” is a bit strong. Considerably strong. Borderline absurd even. It’s not even a notable chapter in your lives let alone something worth knowing about. 746 more words

Stream Of Consciousness