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Why Sending Your Daughter To A Private All-Girls High School Isn't The Absolute Worst Thing You Can Do For Her - But It's Still Not That Great

No one has had an “easy” high school experience, probably in the history of all people ever, but most notably for young women. As a previously-young woman, I can attest to the massive amounts of bullshittery that amasses in a girl’s adolescent years. 876 more words

Lyfe In General

The Blessing/Curse of Independence

Our job as parents is to gradually render ourselves obsolete. This is the harsh reality we struggle to accept as soon as the sleep deprivation starts to wane and our infants learn how to sleep and/or soothe themselves in the night. 314 more words

I'm on the pursuit of happiness, and I know everything that shine ain't always gonna be gold..

Hello again readers!

I’ve been up since 5:00 this morning, making cinnamon rolls from scratch for my dad’s birthday (don’t worry, he loved them). After they were finished and I sent him off to work, I may or may not have taken a nap — I did — and now I’m here, ready to fill all of your minds with the various ramblings that have been filtering through my brain lately.  381 more words

Time For Adulthood



I went back to look again at the sheer zip-up jacket, no hood. Black with a pink and red floral pattern. It was creative, impractical, pricey. 126 more words


o/t: under the banana tree

I am 11. My dirty blond hair hangs limp in the humid Panamanian air but I don’t mind. We are racing barefoot to the banana trees with our collection of limes we have gathered in our tee shirts. 524 more words


it is only within that we can splurge
and fight the covers wrapping us
wrapping the passion, the senses
within two bodies that vow to be one… 113 more words


What to do when money can't buy everything

Vacations aren’t supposed to be for learning. They’re for relaxing, getting away, sightseeing, exploring, sleeping, tasting and de-stressing. But if a little learning sneaks its way in, I’m one to see it as a bonus. 539 more words