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The Brothers Cabal (Johannes Cabal #4)

The Short Version: When last we left Johannes Cabal, necromancer, things looked grim.  Death, it seemed, might’ve finally come for him – but at the last moment, a surprising figure appeared… his brother!   843 more words


The Magician's Land

The Short Version: Having been kicked out of Fillory, Quentin Coldwater finds himself at somewhat loose ends.  After a series of bad turns pairs him up with Plum, a younger magician, he begins to find a new meaning for his post-Fillorian life – but Fillory has it’s own problems:  Eliot, Janet, Josh, and Poppy have discovered that apocalypse is coming.   1,064 more words


The Eye of Zoltar (The Chronicles of Kazam, Book Three)

The Short Version: Jennifer Strange has saved the last dragon and tamed a quarkbeast – and now she’s just trying to go on a date.  But after a relatively normal assignment for Kazam brings her face to face with the Mighty Shandar himself, she must set off into the Cambrian Empire to a place where no one has ever returned in search of a mystical jewel called The Eye of Zoltar.   817 more words



The Short Version: Cal and Frida left Los Angeles as the world continued to crumble and struck out for the wilderness.  They made a relatively happy home for themselves – but when Frida gets pregnant, they decide to seek refuge amongst others in a settlement not far from their humble abode.   1,107 more words


Book Review: Black Lotus by Lita Lepie

Lotus Williams is given a second chance at being a law enforcement officer by Chief of Police Francesca Corelli. Corelli has cleaned up her town and is a formidable woman and chief, but there is a leak in the department which leads to the brutal killing of an undercover police officer. 226 more words

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Wolf in White Van

The Short Version: After an incident at age 17, Sean Phillips recedes from the world and creates a series of text-based adventure games – none more popular than Trace Italian.   1,108 more words