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Big Data & Talent Management, A Match That Drives Margins

It’s well know that big data can provide strategic insights about customers but what if your customers are the business’s talent? What kind of insights can HR, a group that already benefits from access to high quality data, derive from big data?  1,843 more words

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The Future of Big Data

The Future of Big Data & Data Strategy

For any strategy to succeed it needs to look towards the future and data strategy is no different.  1,414 more words

Big Data

What Can Big Data Do For Your Pricing Strategy?

I call people involved with creating pricing strategies margin magicians. It sounds so much better than pricing strategist and it’s a lot closer to the truth.  2,004 more words

Big Data

Systemic Risk Analysis - A New Approach

In a world dominated by turbulence and interdependency, fragility and complexity are the main new factors which are impacting the global economy and driving financial performance. 587 more words


The big thing we forget to measure

In our market research reports we generally make a concerted stab at the idea that our data is both precise and reliable. We gleefully report the sample size,  and we pinch our fingers together as we cite the maximum margin of error – which in many surveys is plus, or minus, 3.1%. 641 more words

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"Leadership Requirements in the Predictive Enterprise”

In my last post, I laid out the notion of The Data Leadership Nexus and its five basic components;

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