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Keynes vs Friedman - What is the Mix Today?

Blog written in July, 2103.

There is plenty of discussion nowadays as to whether to bailout or not to bailout. This short blog does not have the objective of adding more in support of one option over the other. 366 more words


My A.I. Quoted Socrates: Data Science’s Make or Break Moment

We’re moving very quickly into data sizes and result set complexities that exceed our ability as people to evaluate. That’s led to the rise of “big data” and data science.  1,236 more words

Big Data

IBM Watson tackles Twitter data. Steve Needel: gamification not survey remedy (RBDR 11.3.2014)

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RBDR is sponsored today and this week by Toluna, featuring PanelPortal, a branded community solution that lets you listen and learn from the people you want to understand most. 61 more words

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Ogilvy & Mather announces the launch of OgilvyAmp

Ogilvy & Mather today announced the launch of OgilvyAmp, a Global Center for Data Excellence, which represents the next evolution of the agency’s data-driven marketing offerings.

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How to Run a Data Science Experiment & Why It's Critical To Big Data Success

The biggest jump in data science’s ROI comes when a business matures from correlation to causality based initiatives. I worked with a global retailer last year to improve their in store average sale by increasing average number of items.  938 more words

Big Data

Large-scale Analysis of Ecosystems of Corporations

In an interconnected and complex economy corporations form networks, or ecosystems. In the case of banks, telcos or insurance companies these ecosystems can be huge as they may contain millions of clients. 1,161 more words


Payer IT paradigm shift needed to support customer-centric approach

With health plans focusing their organizations more on customers, it’s critically important that we ensure IT applications and infrastructure are modernized to better collect, store, analyze and produce more specific customer information. 455 more words

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