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APUSH- 10/24/14

  • Targets-
    • Understand the requirements of APUSH DBQ task
    • Prepare to write an APUSH DBQ
    • Research Period 4 topics
    • Prepare Period 4 presentations
      • Determine significant people, place, times, events…
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Class Activities

APEH- 10/23/14 & 10/24/14

  • Targets-
    • What are the major themes of Candide?
    • How does Voltaire support/ refute Enlightenment ideals?
    • What were causes and effects of the Agricultural Revolution?
  • Agricultural Revolution presentation- Ask and answer relevant questions
Class Activities

APUSH- 10/20/14

  • Targets-
    • Is infrastructure the responsibility of the national government?
    • Understand requirements of Period 4 Presentation project.
  • Participate in the presentations:
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Class Activities

College Success Video Series: Meet Vanessa

Vanessa is a Massachusetts high school junior who participates in Mass Insight Education’s Advanced Placement program focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). With programs to better prepare students for college, students like Vanessa –  who have clear college and career goals – will succeed. 18 more words


APUSH- 10/22/14

  • Targets-
    • Understand requirements of Period 4 Presentation project.
    • Explain the utopian impulses motivating Antebellum reform movements.
    • What does the 2nd Great Awakening reveal about the emerging character of the United States?
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Class Activities

APEH- 10/21/14 & 10/22/14

  • Targets-
    • What leaders were considered Enlightened Despots and why?
    • Discuss Documents 4.7-4.8
  • Continue reading Candide and answering study guide questions.
  • Absolutism test corrections- due by 10/22

Collegiate Institute for Math & Science- CIMS

Collegiate Institute for Math & Science (CIMS) is a nationally recognized and academically rigorous public high school established in 2003 under the auspices of the New Century High Schools Initiative by New Visions for Public Schools and the New York City Department of Education. 57 more words

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