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Honors Students = Auto Mechanics

Hard to believe, but it’s already that time of year when my students are required to choose courses for next year. Many are wondering if an advanced class is a good fit, so they come seeking advice. 238 more words

AP Exams: What Do Students Need to Know? (Part 1)

Although AP exams are not until May, now is the time to start thinking about registration and preparation for taking the exam. Often, students who are unfamiliar with what to expect have a lot of questions about the process and how to prepare for the AP exam. 506 more words

Advanced Placement

AP Exams: Why Not?

May is several months away, but it is never too early for Iowa Online AP Academy students to starting thinking about whether or not to take the AP exam in their subject. 400 more words

Advanced Placement

Do You Know Your Grade Point Average?

Do you know your G.P.A? Do you know how to calculate it? Do you know why it’s important? A G.P.A. is the Grade Point Average. Each letter grade is assigned a point value. 141 more words

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College Classes in High School, AP & Dual Credit

Registration for the 2015/2016 school year is under way and students should register for challenging and rigorous classes. Students can earn college credit, while in high school, through Advanced Placement (AP) and Dual-Credit classes. 229 more words

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IOAPA Expanding to Middle School Students

Exciting changes are coming to the Iowa Online AP Academy in fall 2015! For the first time, we are offering select courses to high-achieving middle school students. 436 more words

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Excited about our new readings this semester

This month the AP class is reading and digesting Ralph Ellison’s Invisible Man. The class is exploring Mr. Ellison’s ability to tell a story from an intelligent black man’s perspective. 77 more words

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