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Jump 3

Jump 3.

This is the jump where your two instructors that have been hanging on to you for the prior two, finally let go of you. 848 more words


Float Tube Selfies- Oh Carp!

I try to appear much tougher and cooler than I actually am. Especially on social media: I post pictures of myself at the top of the mountain, but neglect to mention the fact that I was crying on the way up, while contemplating faking an injury so I wouldn’t have to finish (metaphor for difficult life things too). 1,607 more words


Travel Pic of the Day

Kuai, Hawaii, USA

Beauty is what gets us up in the morning, it keeps us agile, young, and passionate. Beauty is a memory, a feeling, and a reminder.

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Adventure & Disaster in Peru - Day 5

Day 5:  #Turning it Around

In my dreams, P2D2 had just abandoned the trekking group and, fueled by anger, set out into the wilderness alone to search for us.  6,332 more words


23ºC and sweating like a pig

The Sun was shining, the birds were singing and I had endless amounts of energy to burn, I just couldn’t resist… Living in Manchester means sunshine is as common as winning the lottery however on those rare occasions that we are graced with the Sun’s rays, it would be idiotic to not… 294 more words


Nia-ga-ra Falls

My parents came to see me as part of their east coast trip. With there not being much to do in the immediate area, the plan was to explore the surrounding areas. 476 more words


Flight around Mount Baker - March 2014

There’s always a time in our lives when we become too comfortable with our lifestyle or with a certain activity that we do. When it comes to aviation, for me it was staying out of controled airspaces and crossing the boarder to fly to the US. 103 more words