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3 months on the road!

We have been on the road 3 months today!!! And been away from home 12 months! So much has happened in that time…

Loved ones have been sick and/or passed away, new generations have been born… It is not always easy being so far away… 377 more words


Onwards to Kerman, or wherever.....

As we walk to our bikes for any early start, a cat scampers away, we see that my seat and tank are marked with paw marks: was the cat looking for a good night’s sleep, or, as we hear the sound of chickens from behind the high gate in front of which the bike was parked, a more sinister and likely reason comes to mind. 1,028 more words


Photos from Tehran to Kashan

The photos from our time in Tehran and Kashan are now uploaded!

Tehran – photos


Leaving Tehran for Kashan – photos



Photos of Khiva and Turkmenistan finally uploaded

As promised, we have started uploading photos and videos we have been unable to upload for the past month.

Khiva – photos


Leaving Khiva for Turkmenistan… 7 more words


Sharjah rest and relaxation

Having spent 8 solid hours in Banda Abbas, southern Iran, getting the necessary paperwork to ship our bikes (which will make a separate post) and ourselves to Sharjah, UAE, then travelled 12 hours overnight on the same ferry as our bikes, then spent 5 hours at Sharjah port clearing our bikes, we arrived at our hotel looking like 2 drowned rats, dripping with sweat, filthy and no doubt not smelling too fresh! 433 more words


Plot for a mystery movie

A synopsis of plot for a mystery movie or why processing Iranian port exit paperwork takes 8 hours.

The traditional game of snakes and ladders takes you, depending on the roll of the dice, either scampering up ladders, or slithering down snakes. 1,083 more words


Bandar Abbas

With yesterday’s long ride, we have the opportunity to depart earlier for Dubai. We have been advised to go to Shahid Rajaie Port Complex for the shipping and carnet processing. 1,020 more words