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Editing is an important step in the creation of any book. No matter how many times one goes through their work, mistakes can go unseen. It happens a lot to me. 223 more words


The Numa Files - Book 7 - The Navigator

It all started a few years back, with an impulse buy at an airport, as i had forgotten to pack a book for the trip. 4 hours later, by the time the plane had landed i was hooker on Clive Cussler. 756 more words

Clive Cussler

Best Writing Advice

Some of the best advice I ever got about writing was so simple it went right over my head at first. The axiom? Just write. Yep. 202 more words


Don't Give Up

For the unknown author, those are probably three of the most important words they’ll ever hear. Getting your book out is hard, hard work, and that’s just for starters. 80 more words


Amazon makes another offer

Well, here’s the latest salvo in the Amazon/Hachette War. The issue seems to be getting too much attention now. So another Amazon exec has made… 306 more words


Tscon on Sale!

That’s right! all three Tscon Lightbringer books are now, and always shall be, a mere $0.99! There’s no better time to get wrapped up in the exciting, tragic story of this lone warrior! 40 more words


'Tis a Monday Morning

Hey all. It is indeed Monday, time to get back in that work groove. Ugh! My thoughts, exactly.

It’s funny though, how so much of our work defines us; how much it forms who we are and how we act. 233 more words