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Gooooooooooooooooood Morning Internet!

So here we are again. Roughly a week has passed since my last post and I must again thank the WordPress emails for reminding me of my lofty one post a week goal. 677 more words

90% Normal

Adventure Time with Fionna & Cake Comic Review

When I discovered the Fionna & Cake comic I was hesitant to invest my time at first as Meredith Gran’s Marceline and the Scream Queens had been so disappointing. 1,214 more words


Adventure Time Review: Season 6 Episode 1-2 (Wake Up and Escape from the Citadel)

I have proclaimed my love for Adventure Time quite a bit in the past, and what better time to begin writing episode reviews then the beginning of Season 6! 879 more words


EPISODE REVIEW: Adventure Time: Wake Up / Escape from the Citadel

Okay, okay, say all you want about how Adventure Time’s a kid’s show, but the newest episode just killed THE WHOLE OF ME.

Spoiler alert. MEGA spoilers. 803 more words

Artist Appreciation : Why You Should Be Listening to Elwing

Covering an Adventure Time song is always a great place to start.


Shinkansen Shakeup

There I was, staring blankly as the train doors closed. Mark tried to stop the door from closing but it was too late. Just like a movie, time slowed down as I saw Katsy and Anna’s faces in disbelief as the train speedily left the platform. 863 more words

marsy: My brain just broke

So I just watched the most recent episode of Adventure Time. I won’t spoil it for anyone, but this was my face at the end.

Shit just got real.