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The Creator of Adventure Time Drew Himself As One of His Own Characters

Pendleton Ward, the creator of the TV show Adventure Time, drew himself in the style of his popular cartoon for this week’s issue of TIME. Seen above are characters from his show, with Ward himself in the middle. 38 more words

Adventure Time's Moving Pictures

Pendleton Ward, creator of the TV show Adventure Time, likes fart jokes. “It’s an art to perfect the best kind of fart joke. You can’t go too gross, because then it’s not a joke, it’s just disgusting. 1,000 more words

BOOM! Studios Heads to Awesome Con

Award-winning comic book publisher BOOM! Studios will exhibit at this coming weekend’s Awesome Con in Washington, D.C. The show runs the weekend of April 18-20, 2014. 88 more words


Preview: Adventure Time: Sugary Shorts TPB

Adventure Time: Sugary Shorts TP

Authors: Paul Pope, Lucy Knisley, Michael DeForge, Aaron Renier and more
Artists: Paul Pope, Lucy Knisley, Michael DeForge, Aaron Renier and more… 91 more words


New Years! We wanted it to be better than 2013.

It was a party!

Everyone came (Except Alicia). I will introduce Alicia in a few posts. My friends are fantastic! Unfortunately, I am missing photos because when Brittany and Jake broke up (for a month), we deleted all the pictures of them together.

33 more words

day one hundred four.

Yeah…I’m done typing secondary titles. Haha, unless I have a really good one maybe.

Today was…not the Most productive day ever…

I got up around noon I think, and then ate some food…a toast with organic honey on it to be exact. 379 more words

The Little Things that Motivate

So as you already know, my brother’s wedding is coming up in about 6 weeks (May 31st to be exact). I bought a dress back in January…and it was the biggest size I have ever worn, pretty much ever. 214 more words

Weight Loss