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EPISODE REVIEW: Adventure Time: Wake Up / Escape from the Citadel

Okay, okay, say all you want about how Adventure Time’s a kid’s show, but the newest episode just killed THE WHOLE OF ME.

Spoiler alert. MEGA spoilers. 803 more words

Artist Appreciation : Why You Should Be Listening to Elwing

Covering an Adventure Time song is always a great place to start.


Shinkansen Shakeup

There I was, staring blankly as the train doors closed. Mark tried to stop the door from closing but it was too late. Just like a movie, time slowed down as I saw Katsy and Anna’s faces in disbelief as the train speedily left the platform. 863 more words

marsy: My brain just broke

So I just watched the most recent episode of Adventure Time. I won’t spoil it for anyone, but this was my face at the end.

Shit just got real.

Adventure Time Season 6 Premiere

Rating: A for both parts

The best part about being a fan of Adventure Time is that when the season ends – especially on a big cliffhanger – the staff will always produce an episode or two that will exceed any expectations it had created with the previous finale.  1,420 more words

Adventure Time

Adventure Time with Action Bronson - South Africa (Part 2)

This dude’s having the time of his life, traveling the world n whatnot. In part 2 of his visit to South Africa, he gets the worst weed he’s ever had and rides ATVs.