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JoJo's Diner

Today Cora and I decided to try a place that is about a mile away from our job. Every time we would drive by we would say that we were going to try it one day. 895 more words

Return to the Chilko_part III: Chucknot

My head broke the surface. Things always look worse from the surface. Waves slapping my face, I glimpsed a fallen army of trees lining the riverbed on either side of my narrow channel. 1,037 more words


Lessons From My Parents.

I’ve learned a lot from my parents in my 21 years. They taught me the obvious things such as how to ride a bike, how to read and count, how to love imperfectly because none of us are perfect. 881 more words

The Dunvegan Seal Colony

The Dunvegan Seal Colony, Loch Dunvegan, Isle of Skye (Scotland).

Let’s stay together, Al Green

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the Russian incident

I have a Scratchmap. My sister got it for me as a birthday present. It’s a map of the world topped with a scratch-off foil surface. 337 more words


Life’s a Peach, Y’All - Savannah, Day 2

A beautiful morning greeted us – not a cloud in the sky, no humidity, temperature in the mid-60’s with a lovely light breeze. Our hotel offered breakfast, which was much more extensive than I had anticipated. 1,085 more words


Ylvis - The Cabin

My son suggested I watch this. For those of you who have a romantic notion of what cabin life is like, then I suggest you watch it also. 30 more words