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Plan B: Home Sweet Home

We’re alive! We made it through the move and I can honestly say that there is no place like home. I love this new house. It’s beautiful. 706 more words

My Life

berries for days...

…Sunday we ventured outside the city limits to a little place called South Store CafĂ©. we met up with some of our Portland favs who have since relocated to NYC. 382 more words

An Interesting Man

With his teeth fully visible and head slowly tilting forward, Erik’s dark, fluffy hair goes from looking slightly controlled and pushed back to being poofy beyond expectation and bobs in front of his forehead as his body shakes from laughter. 358 more words


Still Party!

It turned out to be the sort of party where everyone ended up on the front porch watching the sun rise.

The party was amazing. There was one of those weird moments when I feel like the actions people take is hard-coded into our genes from paleolithic times, and there were just people sitting around the fire, but nobody ever had to worry about whether it was being tended or not. 188 more words


Getting Struck by Lightning and Exploring Ruins

There are three reasons why I think I got struck by lightning in Veliko Tarnevo, Bulgaria:

1) The day before I had stood on the stage of a Roman amphitheatre and Dionysus (Theatre God) wanted to punish me, a mere pleb, for trying to perform. 1,161 more words


Hadassah's Nursery

Here is baby girl’s nursery! The only thing lacking is curtains for the closet (so ignore all the junk in there!) It turned out pretty much how I envisioned it & I’m so pleased with the soft, vintage feel of the room (:


Cooking Demons

I have no idea what possessed me to use every pot and pan in the kitchen. I’m have no idea what made me think I could make merguines, a warm pear and spinach salad with blue cheese, seared scallops and grilled lemon chicken, but evidently possessed I was. 245 more words