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Assorted Leaves

En route out of Loubiere heading into Roseau is this former car; now very much at one with nature.


Little 500 y'all!

It’s been going on all week and everyone up around Indy has been going crazy. Meanwhile I’m just tru-la-la-ing out in Narnia.
BUT TOMORROW IS THE DAY!!! 58 more words

Something new...

Today I tried something new, POWER TOOLS! And I love machinery and dangerous tools now. Once you give them a go they’re fab. So, give something a bit daunting a go… and let me know when you have! 15 more words

Great Ideas

"Dominican Republic Road Trip"

Amazing video of a 17-day road trip all over the Dominican Republic by four friends from Northern Europe. Enjoy!

Dominican Republic

Yoga...Who Needs It.

Everyone—that’s who. Seriously, if you haven’t tried a yoga class look online and find a studio near you. Over the past few weeks I’ve been juggling my first place, my parents moving, a new job, turning 25 in 3 days, swollen tonsils for no reason what so ever and a breakup. 463 more words


Drinking Is Thinking

It is nearly nine o’clock in The Albatross and Head Porter and I are just about to have one drink too many. What started out as an informal chat about work has delightfully mutated in something approximating a Fairly Good Night. 771 more words

Spring Break 2014

We made our 3rd annual trip to Florida this spring. This year we went to Daytona Beach and had a great time. The weather was perfect, (besides one rainy day) and we spent most of our time on the beach. 33 more words