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My Birthday Present – Freedom 55

So those of you who know me know that it is in fact my Birthday. It is the big 55! Now I can get a buffet meal for half price every Tuesday and Thursday at the local Casino. 161 more words


When One Port Closes, Another Opens

To all my stateside readers, Happy Labor Day! My past week has been filled with another round of adventures, both big and small :) As I wrote about in my last post, I began the week with another hike! 1,260 more words


The Adventurer Makes Another Attempt at Returning

I realise my last post was titled ‘The Adventurer Returns’. Unfortunately, to the blogging world, the adventurer never did return. That post was January 18th. Today is September 1st. 448 more words


A view of the stairs

After regular training sessions at the Westcliff stairs, I thought I should include some photos of them. The view from the top is rather nice (if you can look past the fence): 111 more words


The first day of September

I can’t quite believe we’re here already. September. Back to school time. Squash roasting time. Serious cardigan time. Already!

We had a cosy weekend with egg breakfasts in our new animal eggcups from Quail…. 84 more words


Visa or no visa – that is the question

My travels would not be complete without an interesting post about visas :) I thought that getting all the visas for the Trans-Siberian trip was a challenge… Being South African, we don’t need visas for both Tanzania and Kenya – at least we previously didn’t require them. 467 more words


Crash landing

After a brief three weeks in the UK I’m back in Italy, more specifically Treviso. A little over a week ago I hauled more than half my body weight across Rome (leaving me with a beautiful set of purple case-corner bruises), moved my life into a room and dashed to catch a train halfway up the country.  740 more words