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The Rest and Be Thankful

On our drive here we wound up and over and through the mountains
we excitedly pointed to one particularly jagged shape off in the distance (very Tolkein-esque) 322 more words

My three travel tips

Hello again.

Today i have chosen to do a ‘little’ blog entry for you about my best 3 travel tips. If you have any others, feel free to comment below and add. 882 more words


Half Moon Bay for the Day

Half Moon Bay

Frolocking around Half Moon Bay with my favorite person.


Half Moon Bay

A Different Kettle Of Gulash

Until a month or so before I arrived here, I had no inclination towards going to Hungary. I knew very little about the place, but as jobs started being posted for Hungarian schools I started having a quick look here and there. 985 more words


A Little Note Regarding Rain

I had a real Wales weather experience on Sunday afternoon. I took my friend Daisy’s bike (shoutout to Daisy for letting me use her bike!) to Tesco for some cereal, pot noodles, and peanut butter (…what else?) along the path by the sea. 168 more words


Essaouira - Morocco's Surfer's Paradise

Essaouira, on the Atlantic Coast of Morocco, is a popular destination for surfers, backpackers, and other laid back travelers.  The long, sprawling beach has good waves and surfboard rentals for cheap.   48 more words


portugal day 1

This is the first moment i’ve been able to access any form of wifi. The weather here is absolutely gorgeous, and the rest of my family are arriving tomorrow night, which i am super excited about! 83 more words