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Moonshine Jungle Tour 2014: Bruno Mars concert recap

Last Friday, I attended a Bruno Mars concert that absolutely blew my mind. The stage and sound effects were spectacular and booming – literally. For the first time, I… 849 more words


10 mg of Ritalin

I guess a lot of people think that Ritalin is addictive, and I can see why. The first time I took Ritalin, I completed 3 math exercises in one go. 338 more words


Mosaics- Paphos Part 1 |Cyprus

Paphos (Pafos in Greek) is a very popular city for tourists. It sits on one of the only sandy beaches on the island and is jam-packed with history and entertainment. 334 more words


Blogging in Real Life

I…hate my computer.

My laptop and I have never gotten along. We’ve been fighting since it has very first came into my possesion.

To explain why I hate my laptop, I shall simply put it this way: It rarely turns on and doesn’t charge. 242 more words


Tricked into 'yoga'

I was going to go to NYC with a friend today, but her work plans fell through… so we did Pedi’s and a beer in the afternoon.  309 more words


Wop Chop Wednesday featuring Butte, America

One weekend Stephen and I went exploring…for food.  South Louisianians will do almost anything for good food and on this particular weekend Stephen and I drove two hours for a sandwich.   362 more words


I Forgot How Awesome Weekends Are

I’ve mentioned before that I work as a pet-sitter and dog-walker. It’s pretty much the perfect job (for me, at least!), but there is… 282 more words