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Adverbs of Manner

Hello! So, you would like to learn more about adverbs of manner? Awesome! Here are two great resources for you.

The British Council has a brief explanation of the topic. 74 more words


Homework for Thursday November 27

Good evening,

Just remembered this wonderfully entertaining sitcom about a group of adults learning English. Watch and enjoy!

(At the beginning of the episode,  Ali actually says: “squeeze me(krama mig)”,  (not “excusing me”) which is much funnier.) 139 more words


Are your adverbs in the right place?

One of the most common causes of a silly sentence is known as the misplaced modifier. It happens when you have 2 points to make in the same sentence, & you don’t make it clear who is doing what. 83 more words

Grammar & Usage


In an instant I stopped, and, checking the time, abruptly turned. I decided in the storm around me to let the memory of her die.


Last words

A relationship that meant a lot to me ceased to be yesterday morning, so I’m sad, reflective, and hoping with all of my being that there’s a minimum of pain on the other side. 1,521 more words