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A little story (and some regulation trivia).

Continuing on with my short piece, The Appointment, because I am too lazy to think of another blog topic and also because I like stories and wanted to see where this writing prompt would go. 956 more words

Friendly the adjective

Friendly ends in ly but it’s not an adverb! There is not even an adverb version of friendly, like how happily is the adverb version of happy. 6 more words


Secrets from editing school

You know how sometimes there’s a hyphen between an adverb and the adjective it’s describing? And then sometimes there’s not?

Yes you do know! Like… 106 more words


The Problem With Adverbs

Creative Writers are always warned to watch out for too many modifiers – adjectives and adverbs. Truly, we should aim for zero modifiers, but there may be an accession where one may be appropriate. 643 more words

"creative Writing Blog"

Continuing: The World Cup and Prepositions

Today I’m continuing the post about Prepositions, which I started on June 29, 2014.  (The World Cup and Prepositions)

In that post, I explained the following: 245 more words

Intermediate (Level 4)

Writing a review.

I  read as many new authors as I can, averaging at least one a week, and thoughts about helping those in the same boat as myself obviously cross my mind. 390 more words