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In an instant I stopped, and, checking the time, abruptly turned. I decided in the storm around me to let the memory of her die.


Last words

A relationship that meant a lot to me ceased to be yesterday morning, so I’m sad, reflective, and hoping with all of my being that there’s a minimum of pain on the other side. 1,521 more words


In Defence of Adverbs

Horror writer Stephen King would have us get rid of adverbs. He hates them. He considers them timid writing. And to some extent, he’s right. 797 more words

The edict of write once read manys.

A little late, yes, but right now I’m all about that bass, ’bout that bass, no treble. (Danger: ear worm alert or, put more heteronymously, “ 319 more words


My Grammar Resource - Adverbs AND Adjectives

OK.  So this is where I start to get confused!  Hope I can get the hang of all these word classes before the exam!

So adverbs can modify verbs, adjectives AND other adverbs, they give more information.   77 more words


My 500 Words -- [Adverb] Not Worth Reading Today.

Today’s challenge is to cut the fluff.

I have nothing to write about today, but I’ll think of something. I mustn’t use the words ‘that’ or “very” either. 511 more words