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Hi, how are you? Pal, I have a dilemma. Here goes…

Every time I am offline, I always think of stuff to write in here. You know, I keep thinking that the best stuff I can put out here may inspire people to get moving and keep living. 441 more words


Thoughts leading to thoughts about Miriam Toews leading to thoughts about adverbs leading to grammar is algebra

I gotta say, one of the things I like best about having an editing blog is that I get to edit it.

I also want to talk about my liberal use of exclamation marks. 205 more words


"Suddenly" Killed the Suspense

Without exception, the word “suddenly” is a waste of space at the beginning of a sentence. Its very presence delays the plot turn by a crucial fraction of a second, which works against what it was intended to do in the first place. 392 more words


4.6 Passé Composé and Negation


J’ai étudié le français, mais je n’ai pas étudié l’anglais. Tu l’as vu, mais tu ne m’as jamais vu. Marc n’est pas encore arrivé parce qu’il est encore en Angleterre. 176 more words


The Hemingway App Comes to Desktop - And It's GREAT!

*cough* Sorry, channeled Tony the Tiger there for a second.

For those of you who haven’t heard of it, the Hemingway App is a wonderful little tool for analyzing your writing. 756 more words


The Mechanics of Writing



1. The technical aspect or working part; mechanism; structure.

2. Routine or basic methods, procedures, techniques, or details.


The mechanics of writing are just as important as the plot and characters. 711 more words


A little story (and some regulation trivia).

Continuing on with my short piece, The Appointment, because I am too lazy to think of another blog topic and also because I like stories and wanted to see where this writing prompt would go. 964 more words