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Mad Lib Day: # 1

Hello Readers

Today is Mad Lib Day.

Let’s have some fun! I’m requesting the following from you in the comments:


I Call B.S.

“Write what you know.”

“Get rid of all the adverbs.”

“Kill Your Darlings”

I would like to call Bullshit. Now frankly I don’t necessarily agree with these three pieces of “advice.” If I followed, even one of these, my book wouldn’t go past chapter one. 428 more words


Avoid words that end in "ly"

I’m looking through a book (from a bestselling author) as research. I like to look at other authors to see what got them published–sometimes it’s the plot, sometimes it’s character building, the really good ones have both–then I take note of what to do and what not to do.  197 more words


Noncommittal words: Don't use them

Over on the ShortbreadStories Facebook page we got to talking about Steven King’s book On Writing. This discussion was provoked by an article from Maria Popova on ‘Brain Pickings’ entitled ‘ 769 more words

About Writing

Language of the Body: Add visual dialog to your conversations

Do you feel like you’ve got too many “he said,” “she said” tags in your dialog? Are you leaning on adverbs to express your character’s feelings? 198 more words

Mystery Writing 101



n. a decrease in loudness.

adv. adj. (esp. as a direction) with a decrease in loudness.

v. decrease in loudness or intensity.

Synonyms: declination, lessening, regression




Conjunctions are words used as joiners. Different kinds of conjunctions join different kinds of grammatical structures.


1. Coordinating Conjunction – join words, phrases or clauses that are equal to one another… 209 more words