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The Friday Envy - The week's best ads (#9)

Each week we put the three best Kiwi ads from the previous week head-to-head against three international campaigns. Last time we had the first ever international winner with Colgate’s Sweet Treat sampling campaign… 606 more words


Why doesn't Marketing follow Advertising Talent?

I wrote a post, almost a month ago now, about the commoditisation of the advertising product. This is an issue that has played on my mind for a while now. 446 more words


The History of Nike Corporation


So everyone looks around and sees these giant organizations and is like wow, look how giant that is…oh man there behemoth’s. No, they all started as small seeds, that put one foot in front of the other and kept going, going, and then going some more. 26 more words


Are You Ready for New Content Distribution Expectations?

The digital world, or what some are calling the “Internet of Things,” is changing everything — including content distribution expectations.

There was a time when we made brochure and we were done.  230 more words


The Haunted Apartment

Finding a new place in a tight housing market can be challenging, and desperate house hunters are known to forget their common sense when looking for an attractive and cheap rental property. 135 more words


Evaluating Great Ads: A Definitive Guide for SME/SMI Owners

What distinguishes an ad from the rest?

As Marketers, we’re bombarded with tonnes of information overload, resulting in potential Information Obesity. This same predicament is also shared by our customers, the very people we’re trying to reach! 824 more words