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Learning the 5P's of Marketing in Buenos Aires

I remember studying Marketing in College.  It was all about the 5 P’s.  Not sure if they teach the 5 P’s any more.  I still keep studying though and I have learned a lot about marketing in Buenos Aires and my Spanish is worse than rudimentary. 743 more words

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All Advertising Problems Are Translation Problems

We talk (usually) the same language and use the same terms in the advertising agencies. Still we often cannot understand each other.

Every agency should try to minimize these unfortunate and time-consuming translation arguments by creating: 190 more words


Transparency Concerns Extend from Media to In-House Production Services

Earlier this week The Association of Independent Creative Editors (AICE) posted a statement dealing with untoward agency business practices in the area of in-house production services on its website. 209 more words


The Good, Bad and Ugly

The world of design (advertising… to be precise) is intriguing as well as branded a devil too. As consumers, we hardly trust it but as professionals we want to work in an ad agency. 479 more words

Advertising Agencies

Clients Paying Too Much, Agencies Too Little

As one who has experience on both the agency and client side, it was with great interest that I read Shareen Pathalk’s article; “Anatomy of an Agency Talent Crisis… 734 more words


Creative Women in Peru: Outliers in a Machismo World

For the past two weeks my co-author, Dr. Marta Mensa from Piura University, and I have been crafting a paper highlighting the stories of the Peruvian creative women Marta interviewed. 540 more words

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Delivering a punch!

Mary Kom has inspired a movie, women empowerment and also bagged gold in the recent Asian games. But for a person who has dabbled in advertising for more than a decade, what has she inspired in me? 611 more words

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