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The Art of Typography


Courier New

Comic Sans MS

Britannic Bold

These are just a glimpse into the big wide world of typography.

As more businesses move online and expand their marketing reach, the design of your website is becoming increasingly important, especially if you’re using it to attract potential consumers. 311 more words


Timmies is God

This piece was originally written for a Religion class at the University of Toronto, and therefore was entered into an essay database committed to stopping plagiarism. 1,370 more words


Book service classified ads in newspapers at Adfromhomes.com

At present there is a huge demand for service providers. Now people are approaching service providers for their personal, professional and external use. As public requirements are increasing day by day, many service providers are ready to give their quality services to the public. 219 more words

Book Services Ads

A Brief Overview of Marketing

Marketing involves creating and maintaining profitable relationships with target customers. Marketers first identify and understand the needs of target customers and then cater to these needs by offering goods and services that provide customers greater value than what is provided by competitive offerings. 593 more words


Why doesn't Marketing follow Advertising Talent?

I wrote a post, almost a month ago now, about the commoditisation of the advertising product. This is an issue that has played on my mind for a while now. 446 more words


Post-Grad Work

Here is some of the work that I have done since embarking on the journey of digital design at Gannett in Indianapolis.

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