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3 Ways to Leverage Hashtags to Enhance Your Brand

Hashtags are so pervasive these days, Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon spoof them on TV. Companies now integrate hashtags into commercials, window displays and websites. Consumers use hashtags on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter to filter their results and share their #TBTs (or Throwback Thursday photos). 709 more words


What does paying $250 million tell you about athletes endorsements? It's all about the cash.

Investors boo Under Armour’s massive Kevin Durant offer. I would too, as a consumer of sneakers. It clearly shows it’s not the product but the endorsement that’s important. 79 more words

NBC Rejects Porn Site Jasmin.com's Emmy Awards Ad

Quick: what do you think is the top adult entertainment brand in the world? Playboy? Hustler? PornHub? Turns out, it’s none of the above. That throne belongs to… 667 more words

This Man Ruined the Xbox 360

OK, I admit it. The headline is hyperbole. Allen Murray didn’t ruin the Xbox 360 on his own.

However, as the Xbox UI devoted more space to advertisements, I found myself doing more of my gaming on my PlayStation 3. 367 more words

Net Neutrality: To Rebrand or Not To Rebrand

Something interesting is happening on reddit that has the potential to impact the net neutrality debate. A California Congresswoman, Anna Eshoo, is running a contest on reddit to rebrand net neutrality. 1,804 more words

Mad Old Men unearthed

So many people seemed interested in my recollections about old typewriters that I thought I’d share this dusty relic, a three-part conversation between Tommy Kane… 62 more words