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Life and It's Temporary Status

As you go on through your journey in life you will begin to realize everything is temporary. Our struggles, our excitement for certain things, our love for this or that, our jobs, our hair color, downfalls, living situations, cars we drive, friendships, love interests, everything is temporary. 138 more words


The Interrogator

Through my most recent dating site - Plenty of Fish, I met a guy online who I nicknamed The Interrogator. Normally, I wouldn’t single out a guy but he is definitely a special case that needed to be showcased. 684 more words


Grab Your Note Pads, Richard's Got Something To Say

If words were made of material, Mr. Branson would be spewing gold from his mouth. #The Ultrapreneur


5 Ways to Fight FOMO at the One Place You'd Least Expect: On Campus

As a car-less freshman who lives on campus, I am unfortunately a victim to FOMO more often than not. Because of this, I have been forced to find ways in which to fight FOMO and enjoy myself on the Florida State University grounds. 452 more words


Get Lost. Literally.

Every time I go to another country I make it my business to get lost.  I take the “road less traveled” as you’ve probably heard before. 239 more words


5 simple ways to make your workday better.

I’d wager that there aren’t too many of you out there that skip to work every day with a song in your heart.  Even if you’re lucky enough to have the job of your dreams, chances are there will still be days that make you want to cry and rend your clothing.   733 more words


The Benefits of an Unpaid Internship

Of course everyone wants to make money. Especially as a business major, the bottom line at the end of the day is how much are you making? 336 more words