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Find people who embrace your imperfections and flaws. Because there’s no worse feeling than being with people who only know how to point them out. You know you found a special person if they lift up everything about you.


Preface, Foreword, and Introduction Explained!

It is easy to get these three confused.

When I was first learning to write, I, too, got these mixed up and had no idea what my front matter piece should be titled. 299 more words


How To Make Back-to-School Mornings Go More Smoothly

You can help your child (and yourself) transition more smoothly to back-to-school mornings if you follow the simple tips in this video by Miriam Manela at Thrive Occupational Therapy. 146 more words


Commentary on writing romance.

I wont lie, I have no idea how to write romance. This probably won’t be very helpful, but we all have to start from somewhere (the same advice I give myself at the gym by the way.) Anyway, the topic tonight is romance, and because I do not profess to know anything on the topic, all I can tell you is what not to do. 688 more words


Need help, this is the place!


How To Turn Your Newborn Into A Source Of Income

A first impression is the second most impressionable moment you can have on someone upon meeting them for the first time.  

In today’s world, beauty is one of the most attractive things to the eye, third only to shiny objects and one of those optical illusion posters where you have to stare at it for 30 seconds and go a little cross-eyed and then suddenly there’s a pirate ship where there was once just crazy squiggly lines.  551 more words


Q&A: Student life

As you may know, I’m currently in my first year of university. Since I began sharing my blog with my followers on Tumblr, I have received quite a few questions in relation to my uni, my course and living in Melbourne. 699 more words