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Let’s be proactive rather than being reactive.

The Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary (version 1) defines Proactive as “taking action by causing change and not only reacting to change when it happens… 486 more words

Vape & Such

I have been smoking since my 18th birthday. That night, I had five dollars in my pocket. It was either a scratchoff ticket or a pack of Marlboro Reds-  the kind my older brother smoked, and the real iconic American cigarette to me. 658 more words


From dust we came
Hence dust we return
Becoming manure to the soil
Replenishing the earth from whence we fed

How deep is my memory in the heart of my family? 183 more words


Feedback Friday

I can never say enough how proud I am for what my team of three do every day – for Susan the Scheme Co-ordinator and Steve and Jeff, our two Security Advisors. 80 more words


Joewriteshiswrongs wants you to write

The end of 2014 is almost here which means it won’t be long before Joe has served his 7 1/2 year bid and finally comes home a free man. 168 more words


Max: Grades matter

‘Oh for Agapius’ sake, it does matter!’*

That’s what I think all the time when first-year students ignore their grades, as it does not count towards the final one. 608 more words

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