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Where is the dividing line between aerobic and anaerobic exercise? Can you start out as aerobic and morph into anaerobic as you run out of oxygen? via /r/Fitness

I know that anaerobic means “without oxygen,” but how does this even work? We clearly have oxygen, no matter how hard we’re working out.

If I start running as a casual pace, I think this is clearly aerobic. 53 more words


M/19/5'10 [158-176] [10 months'ish] via /r/Fitness

Disclaimer: This is all converted from metric so numbers may look odd.

Lifts: Bench: 286.6 x 1 (Did this a few hours ago!) Squat: 264.5 x 5 Deadlift: 330 x 4 (Massive grip issues, can pull easy) … 112 more words


Advice on getting down to a lower BF% via /r/Fitness

First off, I wanted to point out that I know diet is paramount to lowering your body fat.

I’m a 170lb 6”1 male who currently has around 15% BF and would like help lowering that down to at least 10. 96 more words


How to Identify a Death Cap Mushroom

As a food item, mushrooms are used as toppings on hamburgers and pizza, as well as in soups and sometimes eaten by themselves. Many mushroom lovers choose to hunt mushrooms in the wild, but not all wild mushrooms can be eaten safely. 94 more words


My Writing Trademarks

Internet users; ASSEMBLE!

That got your attention. Nothing like a bold faced exclamative in the mornin’. Yes, I’m aware that it’s been a whole week since I last posted, yes, I can see that I wasn’t thinking of my thousands of screaming fans, and yes, I know you live for my beautiful, beautiful words. 915 more words



You don’t have to hold onto the pain, to hold onto the memory.


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Love Lessons From UP

Sa pagstay ko sa UP, maraming bagay akong nalaman. Tungkol sa sistema nila, sa mga lugar at sa kung anu-ano pa. Pwede itong ihambing sa pag-ibig siyempre. 573 more words