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The Power of Lemon Water Each Morning

I have recently started a new morning ritual of enjoying the juice of half a lemon with a cup of warm water. I believe the benefits of this are felt immediately! 84 more words


Hectic Days, Busy Schedule.

Oii everyone,

I’m really sorry (once again) for not posting anything. I was thinking a lot about posting stuff, but I just couldn’t find the time. 351 more words

The importance of sticking to the Qur’an and honouring the family of the Prophet ﷺ

Yazid bin Haiyan reported: I went along with Husain bin Sabrah and `Amr bin Muslim to Zaid bin Arqam (may Allah be pleased with them) and, as we sat by his side, Husain said to him, “Zaid, you acquired great merits, you saw the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him), listened to him talking, fought by his side in battles, and offered Prayers behind him. 560 more words


Workouts to become a faster sprinter via /r/Fitness

Currently, I do leg day twice a week. I do 4×8 squats, 4×12 calf raises, and 5×5 deadlift.

I want to know what other workout I can add to become a faster sprinter. 26 more words


Does blending (not juicing) do any damage to the fiber content or nutrients (like Vietnams and minerals, etc.) to vegetables or fruits? via /r/Fitness

I am my friends have been debating for quite some time regarding the fact if blending (not juicing) would do any damage to the fiber content or nutrients (like Vitamins and minerals, etc.) to the vegetables or fruits. 279 more words


Is it time to think about Keyman insurance?

With the economy looking up, wage increases flat and inflation running at 1.2% (lowest in 5 years), many high skilled and key employees will be considering their options as we approach the end of the year.  328 more words


Running Blind

by Geoff Roes

With the return of shorter days, I have had a couple times recently in which I miscalculated my run and ended up finishing after it was already quite dark in the evening. 16 more words