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Escape the Friendzone Forever

The Friendzone.

Dreaded, Feared, Inescapable.

Or is it?

Want some tips on the behaviors to avoid the friendzone, how to get out of the friendzone, and how to never, ever, be put into the friendzone again? 32 more words


How do I know when a poem is done?

If only there were a blazingly obvious signal to let me know something I’ve written is completed and fully finished–I would be able to write and write and write and produce thousands of poetry anthologies, self-publsih maybe one or two, and feel accomplished. 313 more words

To be stood up or not to be stood up....

Let me start off by saying, I have NEVER been stood up in my life and just in the past week it has happened to me TWICE. 297 more words


A Reflection of Freshman Year

Hi guys!

It’s Blake. School is starting soon, and Sydney and I are both going to be sophomores. I was afraid of growing up. I still am. 603 more words

Humour, Sex and Fads: the Youtube Story (JUSTIN BIEBER KISSES SELENA GOMEZ!)

‘How to create a popular Youtube video’. I was browsing Youtube out of boredom and then I got the idea to sort videos on Youtube channels by popularity, the videos having the most views showing up first. 483 more words




We define ourselves by the things that we have, by how rich and famous we become, how we want others to perceive us and how nice or not-so-nice we actually are. 321 more words