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Bring on the Mondays: Viva Editions Author Tina Gilbertson Shares Her Professional Advice on What to Do with Bad Moods

(PRWEB) August 28, 2014
Tina Gilbertson, author of Constructive Wallowing: How to Beat Bad Feelings By Letting Yourself Have Them (Viva Editions, 2014), was recently featured in the UK paper Express. 12 more words

Post-Breakups suck.

I’ve been thinking a lot about breakups recently, mostly because a close friend of mine is thinking about breaking up with his girlfriend of a year.   1,164 more words

Speed Bumps: A Philosophy

We have all been in a parking lot at some point or another and almost all parking lots these days have speed bumps, those annoying, bright yellow bumps in the road that cause us to slow down or risk completely taking off a bumper. 388 more words

My Life

Depression: on "advice"

I do realize that people are well-meaning, at least sometimes.  One) Depression is not like diabetes.  Two) You can’t snap out of it.  Three) Don’t say you know what it’s like if you’ve occasionally been bummed once in a while. 166 more words

why everything you learned about success may be wrong

written by vanessa loder for forbes:

Our education system and society at large reward the idea of striving for perfection: getting an “A” on an exam, flawlessly executing a project, looking like the super fit people on the cover of most magazines; and yet, in the world of entrepreneurship, perfection is more of a liability than an asset. 1,050 more words


Ooops, I tripped and fell into another book!

    When you’re writing, do you ever find yourself randomly going from one BRILLIANT idea to the next without keeping track of your place? I have found myself in quite a conundrum. 295 more words


From Student To Teacher

It should a goal in people’s life to eventually get promoted from student to a teacher status. It’s a proud moment knowing that your knowledge was able to help someone else by either inspiring them or motivating them through their own dilemma in life. 360 more words