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Don't Leave It To Chance: Start Your Project Well!

Those of you who are regular readers here may have learned about the high incidences of organisations that start change initiatives poorly and never recover. 277 more words

Change Management

5 Little Changes That Happened To Me When I Traveled

They say that when a person travels, they become a different person. I’ve just come back from Europe and already I feel this is true. I’m not the same person I was when I left but that in itself is a different story. 786 more words


Women Crush Wednesday: Maria Menounos

At first glance its easy to hate Maria Menounos. She is absolutely gorgeous, super fit and seems to have it all. She is a co-host on Extra (entertainment news show), and she has her own reality show, Chasing Maria. 487 more words


Ten Tips to Improve Your Child’s Behavior

Ever wonder why your child exhibits better behavior for everyone else but you? It’s quite simple, your child trusts you and knows you will love them unconditionally. 846 more words

Baby Tips

Keep The Faith

Stop worrying. Stop letting others hold you back. Work hard, take chances and keep the faith. You will never know if you never try.


Oh, Brothers

My brother is 15. He’s kinda weird like me so he’s definitely one of my favorite people ever. I’ve really been enjoying my time here with my parents (although if I get asked to clean one more time I swear to sweet cheesus I will flip out) and i’m happy to be spending this time with the jobro. 481 more words



I don’t know if Katy Perry writes her own lyrics, but one thing is for sure, her music is ridiculously catchy.  There is also an inspirational element to a lot of her songs which I thoroughly enjoy.   938 more words