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The Calm Before the Storm

So. Right now, I’m currently sat in a dark room watching the storm while writing this blog post. To say that I love storms is an understatement. 1,055 more words



No predictions this time just a few thoughts on the South African Reserve Bank’s decision to keep rates steady at 5.75%

After months of warnings the Reserve Bank finally increased the interest rate in July (thankfully this was as I had… 364 more words


Sith Machines via /r/Fitness

I just switched gyms because of a move. The new gym I belong too doesnt have a squat rack or free bar, it just has smith machines. 78 more words


So You Want to be a Psychic – Introduction

Everyone is psychic; most just don’t understand how to develop their ability in an efficient and controllable manner. We all have had gut instincts or have felt a strong pull to one path over another but most just wave it off. 560 more words

What is Success?

There was a time I used to stop and wonder: When will I be successful? However, what point would you need to get to in life to be deemed ‘successful’? 164 more words

Why Cardio isn’t good for fat loss

Like most people, you probably believe that cardio is the best exercise available for losing fat. Be that running for a few miles every morning or endless hours of walking, you will have heard that doing so will help you lose all of your excess fat. 354 more words


Mid-calf Crisis

So I was sitting on my dressing stool the other morning, and as I was putting on my nice new olive socks, I imagined a conversation that might be had sometime later that day: 321 more words