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How early is too early for Christmas Decor?

Christopher V.

Christmas decorations. Many people dread the thought of putting them up, however many more enjoy the warm glow of the colorful lights and green holly wreaths. 386 more words


Let The Vibes Be Your Guide

When we discuss certain interactions with people, we categorise the interaction as having “Good Vibes” or “Bad Vibes” and there are some people who are too logical that they do not account for the gut feel or the vibes we get from people and they would wish for some logical evidence that the person is indeed good or bad. 339 more words

Personal Musings

The One Thing You Were Taught Not To Do

After stuffing my face for hours yesterday and most of today, I have been lazy enough to lay around and reflect upon everything in my life. 589 more words


Reasons vs Excuses

After writing my last poast, even though it was jokey, I starting thinking about reasons and excuses. There’s a bright line between the two, in my opine. 355 more words

Navel Glazing

hbsuefred reblogged this on My Self Evident Truths... and commented:

I agree with my friend Paula and would only add the following personal "wisdom". The only actions/reactions one can control are one's own. Therefore, after I make up an excuse for doing something that I shouldn't have and/or that had adverse consequences AND that I blame on something or someone else, I now also state that, while I could not control those actions, I CAN control my reactions to them.

An Alibi is a Lie

When people start to give an alibi to justify whatever they have done or are about to do which pertains to not keeping agreements or abuses boundaries, I don’t bother to listen to the verbal garbage. 292 more words

Personal Musings

How to Eat on Basically No Dollars Per Day: Friday

Hey, I completely forgot about American Thanksgiving yesterday!  For lovely readers in the United States – Happy Belated Thanksgiving!


Breakfast - Smorgasbord!  Some people ate fried eggs, some homemade nutella and lemon curd, some ripe papaya, some toast. 281 more words