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How To Grocery Shop for a College Dorm

Okay, so I’m going to preface this post with two points

1. While Amanda and I might have our own kitchen this year, I’m giving tips for shopping for a more typical dorm room set up. 539 more words


The Gaston Effect

We all know Gaston, Beauty and the Beast’s movie hunk. He is tall, handsome, has amazing hair and a jaw line to kill for. But what makes Gaston so attractive? 190 more words

Cardinal Rule #1 - Give Yourself Time to Learn

There are so many women (and some men too) who are flocking to the virtual assistance profession who have questions regarding every aspect of the field. 580 more words

Administrative Consultant

selfish parents: my experience and how to handle it.

this is a hard topic for me. it’s a subject i’ve tried avoiding for the majority of my life, but this last year has made me realize that it’s a real issue i need to deal with. 897 more words

Advice From Mama

Here is an important lesson I learned, not only through trial and error but also by doing it.

In an emotional ‘battle’ with someone else, don’t vomit your emotions all over them. 83 more words

Just Hang Upside-Down and Hold On!!

 I always wondered if caterpillars endure pain during their captivity in the chrysalis.   It seems that every growth or period of change is accompanied by pain and loss.  467 more words