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I dare you...

So just to explain… I dare you is the part of this blog where you can go to find things to do. If you don’t like it, there will also be stories, advice, and other things (once I can think of them). 129 more words


Blog Help?

So I had the idea today that if I really want to have this blog then I need to actually BLOG every week, haha obvious I know… :) So i was wondering if any fellow bloggers could give me some advice or suggestions? 50 more words


Ladies keep your panties on!

Ladies, we need to have a little chat. It’s very simple and yet so many of you find this so difficult. Honestly, it is just plain disgusting. 569 more words

Customer Service

Should you or should you not?

Right so I am slightly in a bit of a predicament. I live abroad and I’m normally never home and when I am it’s only for 2 or 3 weeks maximum. 246 more words

iPad Tips and Tricks

Handy for those parents and teachers in need of controlling their students’ iPads.

The iPad has many hidden secrets. Most of our students know how to hide gaming apps from our teachers and parents as they walk up to them. 336 more words

Digital Citizenship

INHUMANITY (What should be done to curb rape activities in the country)

The rate at which rape victims are increasing in the country is becoming alarming. A once published story on the sun newspaper about a policeman who raped a two year old girl. 126 more words

Love is great

I absolutely love being in love! I spent just a little bit of time with my fiancé today and my life is just so much happier. 80 more words