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“Life is a roller coaster. Thrills, scares, excitement….. and at the end you just want to throw up!” Anonymous.


How short is too short?

How short is too short?

A guide to the appropriate length for men’s shorts.

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining (sometimes, if you live in Indiana), the fish-smelling trees are blooming and warmer weather is blessedly approaching. 233 more words


The never ending Argument

The “official” talk always sucks. In fact, many of us never really know how to react when you’re listening to your “other half” describe you as “someone” or “my friend.” After all it seems like everything is perfect when y’all are together. 817 more words

Get in a Fight

Can you take a hit? Can you hit back?



She had never been at a loss like this before. She was in a new place and a different time. So she searched for guidance and this girl found someone. 295 more words


Look like you're wearing your dad's work shirt? Here's how to fix it.

There’s a simple trick for tucking in a shirt that not many men know about. This technique not only keeps the shirt tucked in, but also helps remove excess fabric, making the shirt appear more tailored. 303 more words


It should never be so hard...

It should never be so hard to get yourself to trust someone. They are trust worthy & you know it. You’re not crazy but people have ruined the faith you once had in people, leaving you feeling cold and hard against anything that may seem suspicious. 184 more words