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random thoughts

I don’t think this apartment has any smoke detectors. I bought some very fatty pork belly, thinking I could salt it, cut it into very small cubes, and use it for pancetta for carbonara. 277 more words

Americans In China

No Pain, No Gain | $2 Bachelorette Favor

I’m heading to Vegas this weekend for a sweet friends Bachelorette Party. I’m not the main host but still wanted to make small favors for the other girls attending. 167 more words

Party Time

Who thought up the expression “It’s raining cats and dogs?”

What could this possibly mean?

All I know is if anyone knows of an intellectually stimulating but entirely engaging equivalent of a 3000 piece jigsaw puzzle for dogs, then I’m so in line for this purchase! 166 more words

Feeling the Pain: Ibuprofen Makes Men Emotional

If the tough guy in your life is extra emotional these days, it may not have anything to do with the fact that football season hasn’t started yet.  159 more words


Stress Relief and Hangover Cures

“Good morn….ugh f*ck it, its too early for this sh*t!” – me this Saturday morning.

Going out on a Friday night to blow off some steam from the week always seems like a great idea, until Saturday morning abruptly wakes you up with a morning hangover headache. 409 more words


strep throat

It came out of nowhere.  I thought it was just an allergy.  I took an ibuprofen and it got stuck in my swollen throat.  It felt like a rock and I couldn’t get it out.  108 more words

Headache, headache go away, come again some other day!

Today I have had a terrible headache all day… Needless to say I can not take Motrin or Advil for it, per the direction of the IVF center. 297 more words

Are We There Yet