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Crowdtap's #FastAdvil... #sponsored

I was given a Sample and Share mission through Crowdtap to test Advil Film Coated Tablets for free. The Advil tablets promise to be “fast acting” and “nothing works better.” The indvidually sealed packs make it super easy to add to a purse, travel bag, or sports bag. 225 more words

Fast Acting Advil Tablets

Have you ever gotten a headache when you messed up your makeup? Have you ever had a headache in general? We don’t have time to deal with things like headaches in the busy society we live in. 115 more words


What I pack for a marathon

I pack more for a marathon than I do for a vacation.  Some girls fill their suitcases with heels, but I’m more about racing flats and energy gels.  247 more words

Marathon Training


Another thing I realized when living alone. The thing I was fearing.

Becoming sick, when you’re by yourself.

You’re bedridden and you can’t get up, you’re hot, sweaty, eyes tearing, head pounding and you still have to get up in the morning to make yourself a cup of tea. 191 more words


No Headache, No problem

Being that the students currently in college are apart of the technologicalgenerations, everything we do is based of technology. Want to talk to your friends? Use your phone or a computer. 234 more words


PRODUCT REVIEW: Gaia Herbs Curcumin Synergy of the Tumeric Supreme Line Supplements

Another product review for y’all today. Two in a row, A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I am reviewing Gaia Herbs Curcumin Synergy Line of Turmeric supplements. At the outset, I have to say I absolutely love this company as much as I love MegaFoods (see my Dream Release review). 634 more words


Boycott Nine West

This post is going to be a little bit of a rant so if you don’t want to hear it I suggest you move on. 947 more words