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The weekend was a write-off.

I spent Saturday curled in a fetal position–when I wasn’t sprinting to the bathroom to throw up. Sunday was much better, except I felt fragile. 223 more words

Back To Normal

Chiropractic Helps With Menstrual Cramps And Infertility

For many women, PMS is oftentimes a very serious matter, despite what teenaged boys might think. Women suffer from everything from bowel cramps to bladder pains; sexual dysfunctions; and even infertility—all due to their menstrual cycles. 191 more words


Menstrual Cramps Are NOT Something You Have To Live With

If you clicked on this link it’s because you know how severe and disruptive menstrual cramps can be. For many women, menstrual cramps are slight – they feel like a light pressure in the stomach, on the ovaries and in the lower back area. 249 more words


My Momma Told Me There'd Be Days Like These...

Ever have “one of those days” before 8am? I had one today, and I’m pretty fucking glad it’s 9am now. Some highlights of my morning were: 251 more words


How I Beat The Flu With Tea And One Advil

On New Year’s Eve night I was out late having a great time with friends.   I stayed out until 2:00 AM which is really late/early for me.   449 more words

He Caught the Bug

Being a parent of a healthy child is hard. Being the parent of a sick child is down right stressful. You just want them better NOW. 344 more words