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it’s 230 in the morning and i’m still awake.

i’m having my friday night- saturday early morning off having a drama marathon on my own, and one thing led to another… soon enough it was like having flashbacks of the times that we spent together. 210 more words


It's a Lifestyle: Fibromyalgia

It’s A Lifestyle: Fibromyalgia

After a few years of primary doctors, specialists and tests, the neurologist yesterday arrived at the conclusion I had fibromyalgia. I have learned a lot about the disease since then. 319 more words

Common Cold and Solutions

Winter season is coming, and it’s also the easiest season for you catch a cold. Common cold is very common disease that everyone could easily get it no matter who and no matter when or season, but we most likely to more frequent of common cold cases during winter season. 492 more words


Tylenol, Motrin, Aspirin - Oh My!

When it comes to over-the-counter (OTC) medications there are many available. You may find yourself asking “what is the difference amongst these medications and which one should I use?” I’m sure if you look in your medicine cabinet, chances are you have at least one OTC pain reliever. 1,311 more words



I hate going to the doctor.

Yes, I do have an annual physical exam because at my age, one lives from year to year. And I do see a dentist twice a year, but that’s because I still have my original teeth and I want to keep it that way. 499 more words


(nov 4)

just a short post: i felt very disturbed during the two hours of class. it was post-colonialism Korean cinema and as soon as the class was over i bolted out.

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Sometimes I can’t take advil

It’s like signing a will to numbness

And from this, I’m driven nuts

So what if my guts hurt for a couple hours of life… 112 more words