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How Is It Your Muslim Brother Is Not Safe From You?

Sufyân ibn Husayn al-Wâsitî narrates:

“I spoke ill of a person in the presence of Iyâs bin Mu’âwiyah al-Muzanî who was the judge of Basra, a Tâbi’î and a very intelligent person. 92 more words


Constellations - Part IV

The last in a series of four issues on “Constellations in Family Enterprise” – these three contributions by Linda Mack, Jay Lipsey, Anna Nichols and Steven Weinstein focus on issues in family wealth. 172 more words


Four Myths & Realities in the Constellation of Issues that Family Businesses Face

Too often, consultants to family enterprise take the same approach used when serving the C-suite of a Fortune 500 firm. This ends up being a huge mistake as it overlooks the family’s unique history and dynamics that tend to serve as major sources of influence. 1,392 more words



So good morning. .. It’s a new day. You take a deep breath and go to the mirror and always remember to tell this things to yourself. 527 more words

STEM Jobs: The Future or a Fad

STEM education continues to be an area of emphasis as we work to secure the United States’ position as a top global competitor. National, regional, and state-level initiatives focus on redefining curricula and increasing the number of graduates in STEM programs. 1,089 more words

Let's talk about internships

Let’s talk about internships.

Samantha Michaud

Some majors require you to do an internship; in the psychology ​​world, they’re called practicums. Other majors don’t require you to do an internship, and that’s the category most of the business majors fall into (except Sports Management which requires an internship). 1,038 more words


Transitioning from college to career...

Approaching Graduation. What’s Next?

Stefano DiDonato 

As the spring semester approaches, the more I realize how close I actually am to graduating. Assuming everything goes according to plan, I will be graduating at the end of this upcoming spring semester in May. 271 more words