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Press Release | Deprivation and Meditation: Sudden Flight Series at the Picasso Abstract Painter Chiqui Rodriguez

The arts is one of the topics that still intrigues me and whenever I have the time, I read about it and know more about various forms of arts and paintings. 596 more words

Press Release


This pain enthralls my brain quite thoroughly as I try to make it through this night without vomiting my meals away in vain always vomiting sometimes even the blood that should be flowing through my veins it seems nobody can stop these migraines due to the complicating autoimmune disease that I somehow retain though the cause and how you get it is unknown Churg Strauss has taken up the throne inside my body contorting it and causing my great pain daily a better antagonist one couldn’t find if they tried this disease mocks me with its rashes every day reminding me I’m in the terminal stage of this illness and that it could kill with each passing day what will it take to get this nightmare to go away? 185 more words


Saving Somebody

On a fine Saturday afternoon in New York City, I attended a conference on creativity and social development, which gathered a large crowd of spirited individuals. 525 more words

Asia Pacific

OMG! Stupid Cancer Summit 2014 Brain Cancer Patient Panel and Focus Group

“Benign tumors are tumors that cannot spread by invasion or metastasis; hence, they only grow locally. Malignant tumors are tumors that are capable of spreading by invasion and metastasis.” – … 288 more words

College After Craniotomy

CASA for Children

Mission: “To advocate for a child in the foster care system who has been abused or neglected and to get them into a permanent home safely, quickly and effectively.” 44 more words


Housing Connections

Resources Provided:
A website created to assist people searching for affordable, accessible or special needs housing. Both rentals and for-sale properties are included; all within the Portland Metro area. 16 more words


Fair Housing Council

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Provides education and outreach services explaining fair housing laws, as well as enforcement and investigations following complaints received in the Portland Metro area. 19 more words