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Nightmares that Eat You Alive

A dedication to Hanna Lalango and many other victims and survivors of gender based violence. (Audio recording included).

When darkness swallows light

And the predators come out in day or night… 203 more words


Bastoy Eco Prison

An island south of Norway’s capital Oslo, is a prison where environmentalism and rehabilitation are used to help prisoners turn their lives around. 253 more words

People And Society

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Here's a better way

Let's Talk Race Baby.

Here is the thing, this week has not been a good week for Americans, but it has been particularly bad for African-Americans, and the wives and mothers of African-American men and boys. 1,041 more words

Domestic Life

UVA Professor takes the Department of the Interior to court for risky business

This is, more or less, the direction I want to go in. Criminalizing the rampant selling off of our resources and, by extension, our 159 more words


When you think just one person can't make a difference (originally posted on my Facebook page on Sept. 28th)

When you think that just one person can’t make a difference, look at these two grandmothers, one in Romania (“You know your 27 more words


When you find something so cool that YOU KINDA FREAK OUT

1. Ello.co will change the way you think about yourself in relation to Facebook and social networks  |   2. The artist below is totally awesome – kinda reminiscent of Detournment Images… 127 more words