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"Remember the Girl" - Love146

Back in December of 2012, I posted a video on a not-for-profit organization Destiny Rescue. I have recently watched a video called “Remember the Girl” which is posted on Michelle Phan’s youtube channel. 115 more words


Bridging the Trust Deficit…

Contributed by: Rajendra Kalur, CFA, CFP, Director & CEO TrustPlutus Wealth Managers India

Wealth Management Industry globally is beset with a lot of challenges. Some of these challenges are self created as the Industry mostly ignored client needs and sacrificed prudence & discipline at the altar of greed & profits. 408 more words


An election challenged on cultural grounds

Five small towns across Victoria have just shown the world what the power of creative collaboration can achieve – and it’s transformative. Artists taking the lead in imagining a shared future by harnessing and then building on a creative vision. 654 more words


Glyphosate found in breast milk? Hmmm...aren't GMOs and pesticides perfectly safe. Couldn't hurt a baby...right? via /r/organic

Have you heard about this? The company claimed it wasn’t able to be stored in human fat and was metabolized out in the urine. But a new study discovered the stuff in breast milk. 15 more words


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What could be wrong?

Natural, Fresh and other fibs (Food Psychology).

Surely we do not consume these following products having an 80% organic diet, but as obvious as these brands are, it is still  educational to observe the glitter of psychology on the standard supermarket shelves.  743 more words

Food And Health

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The psychology of words

Nature Deficit Disorder

If you want to think clearer and feel better, spend some time in nature. The plant world holds the key to unlocking our confusion and troubles. 148 more words

Art Of Thinking

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Cheaper than therapy

"No Nos Quieren Aqui"

Recently i had the opportunity as many of my fellow North Americans to listen to the President of the United States addressing the nation on immigration orders. 196 more words