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Michael LeRoy: Magna Cum Laude

Michael LeRoy is Florida attorney and a founding partner of the law firm of Fulmer, LeRoy, & Albee, PLC. Michael LeRoy has served as the firm’s managing partner since the firm’s inception. 245 more words

Michael LeRoy

Mono Religion Countries ! / Women ! / Radicalization.

” We can protect ourselves and our children if we understand what the others think about us..”

Despite the presence of human rights advocates and agencies,the UN and various universal women movements,women in these one religion countries(where there is not even one Christian, Buddahist,Jew or Hindus citizen.)Saudi Arabia ,Afghanistan ,Yemen and Somalia ,women are deprived of their basic human rights.Women are subject to honor killing,forced marriage,,violence domestic abuse,arbitrary divorce and stoned to death if they are accused of adultery.Yet they boast that they have pro equality and justice religion.That they denounce terrorism , intimidation and reject radicalization ,bloody chaotic demonstrations against whoever expose their reality.Despite being one religion countries they are divided into tribes and sects fighting and destroying each other. 21 more words

My Thoughts And Ideas In The Journey Of Life

A woman's voice

Last night I dreamed that I was this big successful and famous advocate for woman’s rights and equality. I’ve been thinking about it since I woke up. 461 more words


That's not right, but I'm the only one that cares this much.

I see a lot of errors, grammatical and otherwise, on a daily basis, but lately what’s been getting under my skin in particular is the usage of (or lack thereof) the apostrophe. 37 more words


Lifes Adventure Treasure

Galleries of rocks on this dried out old dirt filled road

tires turning as we slow to a crawl

stopping to breathe in the beauty… 134 more words

I got a response!

So if you’ll recall, late last week I posted about sending letters to my HR department requesting infertility coverage for our insurance. I am happy to report, I got a response! 249 more words


Hey Doc, You are Fired!!

Small note…I started this post on Friday, April 18th.  I updated it today.  It’s a bit long, sorry.  I apologize if it is a little bit jumbled, my head is in that frame of mind right now.  2,271 more words

Chronic Illness