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A guide to the path of Google Adwords Certification

Ooh! You are looking for a guide ? all the SEO professional knows about Google adwords certification program and if you don’t know let me tell you its a free certification provided by Google after clearing Adwords tests. 326 more words


Are you accounting for VAT on Google AdWords and Linked In?

AdWords are invoiced from the Republic of Ireland and subject to ‘Reverse Charge‘ VAT.

When you buy services from suppliers in other countries, you may have to account for the VAT yourself – depending on the circumstances.

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Cord Blood....

So far in 2014 the word Cord Blood is #20 in most expensive keywords in Googles AdWords.

Why? Well, apparently there is market for parents who want to preserve their children’s stem cells from their umbilical cords and it is a very very expensive market. 151 more words

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5 Budget Marketing Strategies For The Self Employed

There is plenty written about digital marketing techniques for large corporations with millions to spend on digital campaigns. It’s important to remember that digital marketing can be used at all levels. 1,122 more words

Amazon Advertising Software

It seems that the busy little bees from the Wall Street Journal have it all figured out. Amazon is deadly serious about its plan to develop an advertising software on its own. 190 more words

AdWords Revenge - How To Make Money With Google AdWords In 2014 And Beyond

Forget About Panda’s, Penguins and Slapping Because We Can Make Over $100 A Day From Just $10. AdWords Revenge Is Here and From The Producers of The Bestselling AdWords Profits 2! 37 more words