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10 Most-watched Ads on Youtube

Youtube with Adweek provide a leaderboard that analyses views of ads on the video-sharing site.

The ads must be labelled as such, and get a significant number of organic views in order to qualify. 16 more words


The Barriers and its Solution of E-Commerce

As E-Commerce still meet problems in any big countries, it also applies in developing country, such as Indonesia. However, high developing usage of internet strongly encourages merchant to change their selling way through online. 1,241 more words


Deal A Story Cards ... Product marketing Campaign set to launch.

We’re celebrating an important milestone with RDRPublishers.com.

Since August the work began with surveying and assessing various assets.  One of the first tangible products of the process was a branded product site… 318 more words

Web Presence

How I Plan to Maximize Holiday Sales

One of my favorite things about being in business for a few years is that you have a sales history that you can refer to when you are doing your planning. 959 more words


The Relevance and Quality Analytics of all Things Internet

For our ninth week of my Web Business course we learned about the Quality scores in Google Adwords and we setup our Google Analytics accounts. Every lesson we are getting closer to taking our web businesses’ live! 589 more words


Selling handmade items on Etsy

Etsy is an online marketplace which allows you to sell handmade items, vintage items which the company describes as and item at least 20 years old, and art and craft supplies. 773 more words

Internet Based Companies

Some small business do not need a website to attract customers

Now a days owning a business and not having a website sound weird…it is like you have no billboard sign in front of your store. But in todays economy some small business can not afford the initial investment of setting up a site with design and a decent platform like WordPress + hosting and some Adwords campaign on the side. 261 more words