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Google Will Soon Know Where You Shop

  • Working on program to prove to companies who advertise on its pages that their money is persuading customers to make physical purchases
  • Software could allow Google to charge more for advertisements…
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Bitcoin 2.0 coming in 2014

On of the most exciting developments in crypto world heavily discussed at the Inside Bitcoins Conference that closed yesterday is a collection of diverse technologies that takes crypto currency beyond just money and is generally referred to as… 551 more words


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Google AdWords vs. Content Marketing

Strip away the labels and, essentially, what you’re comparing is automated marketing to relationship marketing. Google AdWords relies heavily on data (keywords and analytics) while content marketing relies on the sharing of wisdom (subject matter expertise). 264 more words


CPA 10k-cpa make 6 figures

According to my students’ letters. I find that many guys have never made a penny from IM over years!  Unbelievable! So I give out a Method Just For Newbies! 245 more words

Your Opinion - Luminate Ads On WordPress.com

Not all of you will be able to see these ads which is why I’ve included the screenshot. Basically WordPress.com are trial’ing ads from a company called “Luminate”. 247 more words

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Google AdWords (pay-per click) data now not available in analytics

AdWords data to be shown as “Not Provided” in Google Analytics and other analytics systems from 9th April 2014 Importance (to search marketers): Recommended link: Google AdWords advisory This is big news for companies that invest Google AdWords, particularly if it s a big contributor to their business and they mainly use their analytics system for reviewing effectiveness and ROI. 111 more words

Google redesign and page titles

You’ve probably noticed Google implemented a redesign of its search results pages recently.

Jon Wiley, the lead designer for Google search, posted in Google+ that: 350 more words

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