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Meet the Russian hacker that helps advertisers defraud their AdWords competitors

What kind of chutzpah does it take to use Google’s own gmail and YouTube services to defraud the company’s cash cow AdWords business? Apparently the kind that is possessed by a Russian hacker going by the pseudonym “GoodGoogle.” (It’s no less bold to use Google’s trademark in your name.) 535 more words


Google Reklam Ajansı

takribî ilk yıldır taharri ve indeksleme vukuf alışveriş çoğunluğunu, İletken, Google taharri motoru sessiz birleşik tahminî yer yuvarlağı içine dünyamızın dönüşümüne büyük katkı, asri dünyayı etkileyen ancak ekonomik yol haline gelmiştir. 1,283 more words


Google AdWords Debuts Dynamic Sitelinks Globally: What You Need To Know

Meet Dynamic Sitelinks, the latest ad snippet from Google AdWords. Dynamic sitelinks are another one of those add-ons like seller ratings and consumer ratings annotations in which advertisers don t have control over what displays or when the content is triggered. 38 more words

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Myths About the Relationship Between SEO & SEM

Matt Cutts, head of Google’s Webspam team, has produced a series of videos answering webmaster questions about SEO, Search Quality and general webmaster tips. In this “SEO Myths” video Matt is covering a topic that many people question. 525 more words

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Why Geo Target?

What is Geo targeting, according to Wikipedia:

“…geomarketing and internet marketing is the method of determining the geolocation of a website visitor and delivering different  161 more words


Why your ads are not getting results!

By Dee Jardine

So you’ve set-up your first campaign on Google Adwords, and expected your sales to double but instead you’ve seen barely any change in web conversions or enquiries.  989 more words

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