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words-of-emotion: Good Vibes HERE I am... || October 22, 2014 at 06:04PM



Good Vibes HERE

I am lady.leatherface@gmail.com, and I am also obsessed with trying to become comfortable in Lulu’s skin….  ;)  

I do apologize, I could not resist making that comment, but rest assured that I am only kidding….  

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Popular television writer preaches equal representation

Quanya Myers
Staff Writer


I’ve said this numerous times that Shonda Rhimes is by far one of the greatest television writers of all time. She’s amazing to say the least. 292 more words


British band Wolf Gand avoids the sophomore slump

Kayla Marsh
A&E Editor

If you like bands with cool indie vibes like Bastille or Fleet Foxes you need to check out the band Wolf Gang. 338 more words


"His Dark Material" trilogy still a fan favorite

Mary Jones
Staff Writer


Who remembers the book series about Dust? About a little girl who grew up in a world, parallel to ours and had a huge destiny on her shoulders that she could only carry out without knowing of it? 476 more words


i do love a good hogtie…  does this one make anyone else... || October 22, 2014 at 04:26PM


i do love a good hogtie…  does this one make anyone else feel like its missing a scaled to size rotisserie apparatus?  :P

http://j.mp/1td9rg9… 10 more words


How to recuperate from watching too many horror movies

Kathleen Ellison
Online Editor

It’s that time of year, the season of candy, costumes and carnivorous beasts. That time when even the most cowardly dare to dip their toes in the cesspool of gore and second-rate acting that is the horror movie genre. 384 more words