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Deadly Yellow Fever Mosquito Resurfaces In Menlo Park

MENLO PARK (KCBS) — A deadly mosquito that hasn’t been widely seen in the Bay Area since the 1970s has been detected in San Mateo County. 193 more words


Virus infections in travelers – Dengue fever

Introduction and definitions
Dengue virus is at existing a very powerful arboviral lead to of sickness and demise in people. The 4 serotypes of Dengue virus, a subgroup of the genus Flavivirus, are dispensed broadly all through the tropics and heat local weather areas of Africa, Asia, Australia,…

Virus infections in travellers – Yellow fever

Introduction and definitions
Yellow fever is a illness of antiquity that originated most likely in equatorial Africa and was once introduced by using the slave exchange to the nice cities of the New World late within the seventeenth century (New York in 1668, Boston in 1691), despite the fact…

Research Answers To How Mosquitoes Find Human Host

Mosquitoes despite being tiny can wreak havoc in human life with just one bite. Epidemics of diseases transmitted by mosquitoes were not uncommon throughout history. Even now, in places where environment favors the reproduction and growth of mosquitoes, break outs of malaria, dengue fever, … 379 more words


Multiple Cues Needed for Mosquitoes to Bite

Although it may seem like mosquitoes will bite anything with a pulse, a new study from the Rockefeller University has found that it takes a combination of at least two different sensory cues that attract mosquitoes to humans — carbon dioxide, heat, or odor — to make the insects bite. 601 more words

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