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Researchers Find Gene that Makes Mosquitoes Prefer Humans over Animals

The yellow fever mosquito, Aedes aegypti, is one of the world’s deadliest mosquitoes. Found in tropical and subtropical areas worldwide, it is the principal carrier of yellow fever, dengue fever, and… 630 more words

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Here is a story that will make you think… 

A mosquito story that may tickle you pink

Though that is not the reaction of those to whom ‘Chik V’ 256 more words

Bacterium May Make Mosquitoes Less Susceptible to Dengue and Malaria

Just like those of humans, insect guts are full of microbes, and the microbiota can influence the insect’s ability to transmit diseases. A study published in… 358 more words

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Aggressive Mosquitoes That Transmit Potentially Deadly Yellow Fever Found in L.A. County

A new aggressive daytime-biting mosquito capable of transmitting debilitating and possibly deadly viruses has been found in the Los Angeles region, officials announced Wednesday.

Known as yellow fever mosquitoes, the insects were found Oct. 111 more words

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Papaya Leaf as Natural Pesticide in Jamaica


The Island of Jamaica has an abundance of wild and farmed papaya trees with leaves that can provide not only a healing tea but also a very powerful and natural insecticide to prevent the spread of mosquitos that propagate dengue fever, chikungunya virus and malaria. 280 more words