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90 MINUTES-an examination of USS Cook 12-April-BLACK SEA
International waters
USS Donald Cook

14 Apr 15:34 |
A Pentagon spokesman said a Russian attack aircraft repeatedly flew near the USS Donald Cook in international waters in the Black Sea on April 12 in a ‘provocative’ maneuver… 1,194 more words


Breaking Barriers: Richard Bernstein and Peter Hennessy on Cassidy Turley’s Star Turn

“If I could knock this wall down I would,” said Peter Hennessy, pointing through a glass enclosure that separates his office from a row of open workstations within the 42nd floor of Cassidy Turley’s 277 Park Avenue offices. 1,475 more words

` Destroyer USS Donald Cook Equipped with the Aegis Combat Missile Defence System Enters Black Sea '

#AceBreakingNews – “Destroyer USS Donald Cook equipped with the Aegis combat missile defense system has just entered the Black Sea. According to our information, it is going to be joined by French reconnaissance ship Dupuy de Lome by April 11. 74 more words

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Hagel: US Sends 2 More Aegis Ships to Japan

For reasons a senior defense official said included North Korean provocations, treaty commitments to Japan and U.S. national security interests, Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said today that the United States will send Japan two more Aegis-equipped ballistic-missile defense ships by 2017. 1,193 more words

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Hagel In Japan -- More Aegis Ships; Backs Abe's "Reinterpreting" Constitution To Allow Militarization

U.S. Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel is quoted by Nikkei today saying that the Obama Administration will “welcome Japan’s efforts to play a more proactive role in the alliance, including by re-examining the interpretation of its Constitution relating to the right of collective self-defense.” 241 more words

Stopping WW III

White Rose

Whilst on my little jolly to Nottingham, I stumbled upon a really cute looking vintage shop, White Rose. The brainchild of graduates from Nottingham Trent University, the shop sells gorgeous recycled fashion, all in aid of raising money for a great cause. 212 more words


Mini Cobra 3d Print

Today I recieved 3d printed parts for the Cobra hovertank I designed. Unfortunately there were some printing issues and the base of the turret won’t attach to the body….sigh >< 62 more words

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