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With one eye set on the past and one set on the future, I fight to make the present worth living for.

Good morning,  beautiful Monday morning. 44 more words

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GROUP WORK: Beauty or the Beast?

Group Members

Amy Hutchesson
Renee Stewart
Gemma Jamison

As a group, we have decided to research the culture of beauty and obsession with image throughout Asia, specifically concerning image-related subcultures throughout Japan, Korea and China e.g. 99 more words

Criticizing an Actor's Ethnicity -- How Not To Be a Critic

I recently joked about 50 Shades of Grey being the whitest movie in history. I stand by the joke, because I did my research before making it. 1,434 more words

Music Videos

EggyTaste -> EggyAegyo

I renamed my shop to EggyAegyo! It was such a hassle to change it on wordpress, Etsy, tumblr, and all the links i posted. I was thinking about this ever since i opened it with the name “EggyTaste” cause taste doesn’t have any meaning and I attached it just because another company has taken the name “Eggy.” A baby’s clothing company. 99 more words

Saranghae: Block B's "Her"

Is there anything better than a kpop band who’s leader writes and produces their own songs? Since the lawsuit with their former entertainment company, Block B has become synonymous with the word authentic when it comes to kpop entertainers in my mind. 191 more words