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Video: Something unlikely has landed at the London International Airport

The people behind a new London partnership hope tickling the ivories can lead to a greater appreciation of the arts — not to mention community. 212 more words


Palermo Palms

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In the early 1600’s something magical happened in the land masses known as the Aeolian Islands.  A volcano was inhabited (Stromboli) and the larger of the Islands (Lipari) became a dominant community.   483 more words


Blowin’ in the (Martian) wind.

Mars is frequently considered to be a ‘lifeless’ planet where nothing of geomorphological note has occurred for billions of years. However, in many cases the dynamic processes taking place in the aeolian sand seas rival those in dryland regions on Earth. 489 more words


Week 10 - Harmony Within a Minor Key Area and Secondary Dominants

The simplest form of a minor key is the Aeolian mode of a major key, which often called the pure minor. From there I tend to move from simple to more complex which is Dorian, Phrygian, and Locrian. 251 more words