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Courts again rule against streaming upstart Aereo

A federal court will not hear Aereo‘s argument that the streaming media company should be allowed to operate similarly to a cable company. The Second Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that Aereo will have to take its argument to the district court, according to court documents [.] – Mike Snider, 8 more words

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Appeals Court Won't Hear Aereo's "We're A Cable Company" Argument

Following its crushing defeat before the U.S. Supreme Court earlier this summer, streaming video startup Aereo tried to stay alive by arguing that since the court said it was acting like a cable company, … 378 more words

Federal Court Shuts Down Aereo's Attempt At A Comeback

In an eleventh hour attempt to save its business following the Supreme Court’s ruling that it was illegal, Aereo changed its tune and claimed to be a cable provider… 262 more words


Aereo Is Offline, but Nimble TV Says It Can Bring You TV on the Web

nimbleTV has gone through several incarnations, but here’s the most current one: If you’re a pay TV subscriber in New York or Chicago, it will allow you to watch some channels — mostly broadcast ones — on a Web-connected device for free. 87 more words

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Startup NimbleTV Expands 'Virtual Cable' Service, Drawing Legal Scrutiny

It’s not exactly Aereo, but startup NimbleTV — which offers existing pay-TV subscribers access to their channels and DVR recordings over the Internet — has attracted the attention of industry lawyers who are examining whether the service is legally in bounds. 487 more words


TV Broadcasters Aim for Broad Injunction Against Aereo

In an ongoing copyright case, the broadcasters argue that Aereo shouldn’t be allowed to pay compulsory license fees 517 more words

Broadcasters Give Aereo Another Kick With New Injunction Request

Talk about hitting a guy when he’s down and already almost out Less than two months after achieving victory over Aereo at the Supreme Court… 383 more words