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The Aereo Decision

By Evan Jensen

The Aereo decision gives the impression of the Supreme Court twisting itself into knots to find a reason why Aereo is infringing. And ultimately the Court decided to help broadcasters kill off the competition, rather than push broadcasters to innovate. 2,132 more words




L’entusiasmo della bimba al suo battesimo dell’aria non riesce a strapparmi dal senso di torpore che mi pervade da quando son passato sotto al metal detector, e con un sorriso cado in un sonno tutto sommato non così profondo, assediato com’è dalla luce, dal ronzio dei motori e dall’andirivieni di hostess e passeggeri. 323 more words


Aereo Rival FilmOn Found in Contempt of Court

After Aereo lost in the Supreme Court last month, it pursued a new legal strategy: It is a cable company, and therefore eligible for the same compulsory license that allows other multichannel providers to carry broadcast programming. 373 more words



This is an update to my original article: “Big Money vs. Public/Private Webcasting.”

I just read Henry Mulak’s article (see below) about the turn of event’s regarding the Supreme Court’s decision about Aereo’s retransmission of over-the-air and cable broadcasts of TV shows. 282 more words


Tuesday Trends: Ditching Cable Television

Let me just start by saying that going cable-free is not for the faint of heart. Yes, there is lots of content out there that you can stream via your… 566 more words

Copyright Office response disappoints Aereo

The U.S. Copyright Office has given a lukewarm response to Aereo’s request to be treated like a cable system. The streaming-media company has adopted that strategy after the Supreme Court found it equivalent to a cable TV system. 10 more words