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### Aeris LED Wall Pack, 75W, Wall Mount cheap

Aeris LED Wall Pack, 75W, Wall Mount

Aeris LED Wall Pack, 75W, Wall Mount. If you looking for Aeris LED Wall Pack, 75W, Wall Mount. 71 more words

SpartanNerd Review...Play Arts Kai Final Fantasy Dissidia Cloud Strife

Warning….Depressing news ahead  :(

SpartanTeen wanted a new set of “Beats” for his birthday…totalling around $100.  We were OK with that.  But we had to be fair. 1,282 more words

FFVII - You Shouldn't Have Seen This

Welcome to this segment of FF7 mysteries. In this article we’ll be discussing the things that the programmers failed to omit from the game before release which gives us hints into what they proposed for the game! 1,616 more words


Aeris - Was She Meant to Die?

Aeris is one of the pinnacle characters in Final Fantasy 7 and her death came as a shock to me as it did many people around the world. 1,103 more words

Final Fantasy Compendium

Once A Pun a Time: Part 2

I’m no meteorologist, but I’m pretty sure you’re about to get more than a few inches…


Some Disturbing Scene in FF VII

I was playing FF VII all over again,

and I encounter a scene that I couldn’t get rid from my mind.

It’s the scene inside Shinra HQ, where Cloud, Barret, and Tifa enter a toilet stall TOGETHER (and not a single Shinra employee gave a shit about it). 355 more words