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AMV Roundup! Final Fantasy 7- Unforgiven

Wow. My jaw hit the floor watching this AMV because it’s beautiful. I think the song choice of Unforgiven is perfect, because when Advent Children opens, Cloud is still struggling with his guilt and seeking forgiveness over the loss of Aeris and Zack. 98 more words


Happy Birthday Final Fantasy VII

There are things that death cannot conquer and that hate cannot wash away.

Final Fantasy VII came out in North America on September 7, 1997 (three sevens in the release date alone), 17 years ago today. 643 more words


Fantasy S1E1 Pilot

FANTASY    S1E1   “Pilot”
Main:     Cloud     Barret     Tifa     Aeris

Recurring:     Marlene


Cloud closes his Mako-filled eyes, waiting for the train to reach his destination.  487 more words

Season 1