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Aeris - Was She Meant to Die?

Aeris is one of the pinnacle characters in Final Fantasy 7 and her death came as a shock to me as it did many people around the world. 1,103 more words


Once A Pun a Time: Part 2

I’m no meteorologist, but I’m pretty sure you’re about to get more than a few inches…


Some Disturbing Scene in FF VII

I was playing FF VII all over again,

and I encounter a scene that I couldn’t get rid from my mind.

It’s the scene inside Shinra HQ, where Cloud, Barret, and Tifa enter a toilet stall TOGETHER (and not a single Shinra employee gave a shit about it). 355 more words

Awesome Cosplay of the Day: 7/1/14

Oh it’s July, the seventh month so every other day I’ll have a cosplay from FFVII, cause well I don’t want to bore you all with my obsession. 202 more words


Too Many Games

So, one of the places I write is for the website, Caffeine Crew, a geek news outlet. This weekend, we did press for Too Many Games, a convention in Oaks, which also gave me plenty more to write about, including an article on one of the panels we went to as well as a variety of other things. 79 more words


Finishing Final Fantasy VII: June Progress Report

Images captured by Hatmonster

Well it’s almost the end of June so I figured now would be a good time for the first Final Fantasy VII update. 374 more words

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