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Bicicleta single speed Intervenida en tecnicas mixtas, marco en acero, componentes en aluminio, rin 700 doble pared.

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fotografías exterior: ohm 


Is aerosol sunscreen safe for you? Inhaling chemicals is a concern

Spraying on sunblock may be a convenient way to protect your family from the sun, but experts warn that inhaling the chemicals could trigger allergies, asthma and other concerns. 584 more words


The study of ocean – atmosphere interactions

When waves crash and underwater bubbles burst at the surface, tiny particles are ejected from the ocean into the atmosphere. As the water evaporates away, a particle is left behind that we call sea spray aerosol. 412 more words


Sea water; is it only Salt?

I am a third year graduate student from Prof. Betsy Stone research group, University of Iowa. It was a tremendous opportunity for me to participate in IMPACTS (Investigation into Marine Particle Chemistry and Transfer Science) summer 2014 intensive campaign at the Center for Aerosol Impacts on Climate and the Environment (CAICE). 336 more words


Pit Posse 4 Bottle Aerosol Oil Rack Caddie Caddy Shelf Holder Trailer Aluminum

Save $ 3 order now Pit Posse 4 Bottle Aerosol Oil Rack Caddie Caddy Shelf Holder Trailer Aluminum at Best Garage Storage Systems store. Daily updated garage storage ideas reviews and find the best garage storage solutions consumer reports on Ebay, Amazon. 12 more words

Commercial Airlines Spray Chemtrails to Melt Polar Ice For Big Oil

Commercial airlines have been blackmailed into clandestine program of climate change with the net effect of warming surface temperatures and arctic regions that increase profits for Big Oil… 12 more words