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Do small volcanoes have a big climate impact?

New research tracks aerosols from volcanic eruptions

Staff Report

FRISCO — Sunlight-reflecting particles from relatively small volcanic eruptions may add up to have a significant effect on global temperatures, according to a new climate study that tries to quantify the cumulative impact of aerosols from volcanoes. 606 more words

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Two pieces of good news this week

The full paper from the EMAC2013 conference last year is now available online. If you’re interested in the statistical methodology we used for estimating the inhaled dose of particles by students in the UPTECH project, you should check out our paper at the… 206 more words


Satellite captures massive smoke and haze over china

China seems to be ground zero for air pollution these days. From NASA:

Smoke and haze hang over a large portion of eastern China in this image captured by the Aqua satellite on October 29, 2014.  247 more words


Feeling Smoggy?

If you live in a big city or even a heavily populated area you will more than likely be exposed to smog. You might be wondering what is smog? 494 more words

Human Health

New article published - but did I deserve it?

This website is to keep track of all things that sound ‘sciency’, and so all the papers that I contributed end up here with a short description. 401 more words


Evidence – Oct 24

A couple of years ago, I completed a 366 project.

Posting this picture doesn’t mean I’m starting another one, but it does mean I’m going to post up a few more individual images. 22 more words

Random Pictures

PAPER: Charged Aerosols vs. Hydrophilicity of Substrate. 親水性表面と気中に浮遊する帯電粒子との関係

The main researchers are Kusdianto and Gen (Doctoral students)
Area-selective deposition of charged particles derived from colloidal aerosol droplets on a surface with different hydrophilic levels… 88 more words