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The drop of a will

The rain made the puddle wonder. The drop that had filled it had finally found its way out .
Splash! And the drop is on its way out, looking for other depressions to seep in. 282 more words


National Geographic Photo Of The Day x Under the Hill

Photograph by Richard Barnes

–The successors of Roman Emperor Nero largely buried his legacy from view. Beneath the Oppian Hill (at left) the remains of the palace—the Domus Aurea, or Golden House—built by and for Nero are closed to the public. 10 more words


Locative media reflection - "Evolvism"

The idea behind our manifesto “Evolvism” was to develop a work that continually seeks to change itself. It was not simply about progression, but a dynamism that ensured the spectator was engaged on a critical as well as an emotional level. 249 more words


Dragonframe Testing

I spent two and a half hours this afternoon in the animation studios playing around with Dragonframe. I grabbed an assortment of crafty things (various colours and textures of paper, pencils, wool, felt leaves I had lying around from a jungle related costume…) from home and experimented with what I could create (the little animations had no narrative whatsoever and were purely visual).  180 more words

Reflecting on Cockatoo Island

The creative experience of transforming the history and location of cockatoo island was a three-part process, I was more heavily involved in the first two – The creative thought process of Pre-production and the Production itself. 233 more words

[non-philosophical] fragment on critique and theoreticism

Critique must be a form of “disinterpretation” or “inoperatization” of theoreticism, it must be a reminder and demonstration of the undecidability and indeterminancy of the One. 4,099 more words


Reflection on Cockatoo Island Project

Reflection on Cockatoo Island project:

In working on a Cockatoo Island sound piece, we developed our ideas as we saw and walked around the island. Because Cockatoo Island is an ex-prison, we decided to work around the idea of prisoner. 191 more words