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Reflections On A Jack-o'-Lantern

© 1980, 2014 By Bob Litton

Even the most sophisticated civilization needs its rituals, and what best justifies a ritual is how thoroughly it manages to reforge the links in the “Great Chain of Being”—vegetable, animal, human and spirit. 291 more words


We don't follow all the news from the western world, while there is a war right outside our border, you know.

While the obnoxious Yankees are whining about Gamergate this and Sarkessian that, the Poles are developing dark and gritty games, inspired by actual killing, not by leftist navel-gazing. 1,253 more words


Avant-garde Design

This Avant-garde design was inspired by the idea of walking in the rain in style.



Most of us in the society today have an ideal image of what our body should look like. Though reality might be far from this, it leaves us some room for growth and a doable change that’ll allow individuals to take control of their health, eating habits and overall appearance. 78 more words


HUNGER -- Njalkemme --- Music Themes

It was my turn to choose the Music Theme for this week. The theme is HUNGER.

I decided to limit myself a few longings that cannot be satisfied by ordinary means. 676 more words


Garbstore x Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

London-based clothier Garbstore releases their second lookbook, aimed towards gearing you guys up for the cold weather. Featuring brands like Engineered Garments, Gitman Vintage, Deluxe, Patagonia, Needles, Mountain Research and many more, below are some of our favorite looks! 8 more words