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Some final thoughts on the project . . .

After presenting our works in our tut on Wednesday, here’s some final thoughts.

My initial idea for the project “Raze” was to create a short narrative work that resonated with me, utilising an active camera in order to situate the audience inside a physical space. 513 more words


Attachment -- haiku

When happiness reigns
Change is inevitable
Kalachakra turns
Bear … 10.30.2014


Non-Sense & Sensibility: Distorting Smile Aesthetics in the Frenzied Social Media Age

“Give them Quality. That’s the best kind of advertising.” ~ Milton Hershey

Let’s put it out there bluntly: We are distorting the aesthetic sense of the public, plain and simple!

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Thoughts & Reflections

Muhammad Asad & A Big World Picture on The Road to Mecca

Regarding the small share that the critique of Orientalism and its place in the Occident owe to orientalist discourse, I’ve known for some time that the father of anthropologist, post-colonialism and religion-studies theorist Talal Asad was Muhammad Asad, and that Muhammad Asad was born Leopold Weiss. 2,267 more words


The Memory of Mom in a Senseless World

After five short films, A Picture of You, the sixth film by J.P. Chan (also his first character biography film), has been shown in his mother school recently. 502 more words

CUNY Period