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Getting Rid of Damaged Mirrors

Last week on a particularly hot August day, my mind was my companion as I was in the middle of the organizing and packing associated with this relocation adventure.  1,863 more words

The love M lost and I'm unsure it will ever return

As I’m focusing on what I am learning from my anger and pain so much has calmed down for me.

I wanted to have sex last night, I had sex with myself and enjoyed it. 1,364 more words

Surviving An Affair

Stuck in the moment..

Ahh.. songs it’s amazing what they will do to me and many others.

Today as I was doing well. I went back there. I questioned his theories on how the hell he came to choose me and why didn’t he just leave me the fuck alone. 231 more words

The drive and Here

The drive wasn’t so bad I drove 1/2 way and M drove the rest while I slept. M slept for like 10 minutes and I looked at him. 985 more words


The F* word and #8

Nope not talking about the four-letter word I adore way too much in dealing with my marriage.

Can I say that and not say infidelity.. I’m going to try. 1,155 more words

I Won't Give Up

Just a thought to ponder.

Bad shit happens, just does, and it can’t be undone, avoided or hide from…it happens.

It happened to me, maybe it has happened to you. 454 more words


Guess who finally got her internet cable put back together?

My internet repair man was a sweetie and didn’t even scold me for digging, and then went on to tell me it was only working at half the speed it was supposed to, so he fixed that too. 401 more words