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A Husband's Choice

My husband stood at the front of the hall, looking handsome in a dark jacket as he made last minute preparations for a ceremony he would soon officiate. 1,584 more words

Affair Recovery

Have You Ever Seen The Rain

I am going to answer the questions you all ask when you find me…

The ‘search’ words you type and then my blog shows up, the first words that come into your head when the Google box pops up. 1,316 more words

Monkey Bars

I’ve been busy…

New stuff, good stuff, stuff that’s filling my heart and head with happy. No time to write about it all but I wanted to share the quote. 103 more words

giving and receiving

Dear Friend,

Today’s yoga lesson was about being receptive to receiving. Most of us have an easier time giving than receiving. Think about how easy it is to give someone a compliment vs. 272 more words


Making It Through The Sad Days...

As we approach Thanksgiving and my Facebook feed is flooded with daily thankful posts, I’ve been pausing frequently to get a good perspective of what I am thankful for in my life right now. 822 more words

The Road Before Us

Behind my choice-To Never Know all the Details

Wanting to know and needing to know are two very different definitions to me.

From the moment I became aware of my husband’s affair I struggled with what I wanted to know and what I needed to know when it came to the details.   786 more words

Faith And Marriage


It’s coming…

Do you hear it too? Is it just me? I can hear it, feel it in every fiber of my being…

Edgar Allen Poe knew what I was talking about, he wrote a story called “The Tell-Tale Heart”. 713 more words