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It is a beautiful fall day here in Oklahoma.

The kids are on Fall Break. I used to love the fall and spending time with them. 894 more words


I’m a month out from my blogs one year anniversary…

I started this to heal and thought my sister and a few friends would read it. 864 more words

Keep Your Head Up

Sorry I haven’t been writing, but I got busy again…

I write posts in my head daily, but it’s been hard finding a minute to put them down. 395 more words

Cry Me A River

Last week was hard.

It is stinking hard to accept the things you can not change.

Especially when you are having a pity party for one. 281 more words

Times Of Your Life

I got a card in the mail.

My middle son brought it in to me. My heart fell when I saw it. I knew I was going to get it , I get one every single year. 577 more words

His Love > his Love

If you want to see a small social media riot evolve, simply write a tweet in support of the Common Core Math Standards and watch your Twitter go viral. 1,085 more words

Affair Recovery

If I Could Turn Back Time

What’s so hard about September, Kelly?

Well since you all asked so nicely, let me start my list with Assholes and Death. Both of which are a part of my life, and both of which I hate. 522 more words