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Cry Me A River

Last week was hard.

It is stinking hard to accept the things you can not change.

Especially when you are having a pity party for one. 281 more words

Times Of Your Life

I got a card in the mail.

My middle son brought it in to me. My heart fell when I saw it. I knew I was going to get it , I get one every single year. 577 more words

His Love > his Love

If you want to see a small social media riot evolve, simply write a tweet in support of the Common Core Math Standards and watch your Twitter go viral. 1,085 more words

If I Could Turn Back Time

What’s so hard about September, Kelly?

Well since you all asked so nicely, let me start my list with Assholes and Death. Both of which are a part of my life, and both of which I hate. 522 more words

confront the OW? think twice

Dear Friend,

Don’t ever confront the other woman. For two years, I’ve dreamed of what I’d say to X. But recently, I’ve learned why it’s never good to confront the other woman. 172 more words


Getting Rid of Damaged Mirrors

Last week on a particularly hot August day, my mind was my companion as I was in the middle of the organizing and packing associated with this relocation adventure.  1,861 more words