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What Hurts The Most

Hi…my name is Kelly and I am a betrayed spouse…”

“Hi Kelly…”

I’m 809 days into my recovery.”

“And?” Asks Bob my inner therapist. 618 more words

The Attack of the Jumping Cholla

I sat on the edge of the dirt trail with my hands painfully bound in “cactus handcuffs” and a small tubular cactus embedded in my throbbing thigh. 1,502 more words

Spiritual Growth

On a more positive note....

Do you know what I loved about my birthday this year?


Freedom to be me.

Freedom in being honest in myself.

Freedom in knowing I am in the right place and doing the right thing. 71 more words

Better than I Deserve

When I look back over the months that Husband spent having an affair, one thing that stands out to me is how mean he was. I have to stop here and tell you just what a kind man Husband can be. 705 more words


I Know What You're Thinking

Counseling after the affair was, for us, good and bad. As quickly as appointments could be made, we each saw therapists individually and a marriage counselor together. 507 more words


The Reality of Now

I’ve been reading some blogs dealing with affairs. It’s hard, as a betrayed spouse, to read some of these stories. Either I feel so deeply the raw pain and emotion of those who have been hurt, or I find myself angry at cheaters I have never met. 459 more words


Grace for Whom?

After the heart-wrenching pain of the affair subsided into more of a dull ache, other pain took the stage. One of the issues I have struggled with has been… 518 more words