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It’s No Joke Being a Provost

        “I’m only human,” the provost said.
        “Human? You’re the provost—that’s an oxymoron.”

Those are the last two lines in Costly Affair (#2 in trilogy of love, lies and liaisons.)  The quote makes sense if you’ve spent part of your career in higher education, but if your response was “I don’t get it,” the following will be of interest to you.

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She's A Homewrecker

I think this post may divide opinion and I have felt ambivalent about whether to blog about it. I think I felt if I did it gave what happened more importance than I wanted it to have. 1,337 more words

The Letter

“I have an assignment for you.” I emailed later that week.  “I want a confession letter outlining everything.”  My email was longer than that, but that was the gist.   715 more words


Sugar Lovins

Give me all your sugar lovins

I’m in the mood for some sweet talkin

Whisper sugary words in my ears

Make all the years disappear… 41 more words


Ever heard of Imago?

Imago is a form of therapy for couples that includes the idea that each spouse is looking for someone who triggers their childhood wounds. Perhaps not consciously, but still looking for that pattern. 199 more words

"my Wife Cheated"


Just lie with me
Let’s just pretend
That life is sweet
And all is grand
We’ll dance the Tango
As santuary
Our reprieve from hell… 603 more words