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Dearest Russ - Teensy Tiny Moment

Some days are lonelier than others. Today is one of those days. I’m not sure if I’m feeling extra girly. If I am missing you extra much. 34 more words

Dearest Russ

Sweet Dreams

Oh my…

I didn’t know the controversy over the book.

The one I’m not going to name.

I think when you find yourself with a cheating husband or wife in today’s world, we all turn towards the internet. 749 more words

Randomness is Generally the Plan

You know whether or not you would sleep with someone within five minutes of meeting them.

Just a thought.

That is how I approach everyone now. 126 more words

The Bad

Marriage Reality

Last night I watched another episode of Downton Abbey where Lord Grantham goes too far with a new housemaid. They kissed and were about to go further before they were interrupted by Mr. 816 more words


Blog for Cheaters looking for Help

As far as I know, this may be the only blog for cheaters who are looking for a place to help clear things up for them. 182 more words


… So different when no one is around. You act like two different people. It’s like I hardly know you when you’re with work colleagues,  you put on this ‘blokey’ front like you are one of the lads,  when deep down you and I both know you’re not.  435 more words